The Surprise Buck

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The morning of November 19, 1990 dawned clear and cold. My brother had showed up at Mother's for a hunt. He was looking for some doe meat for the freezer and I was sick with a cold from the day before. We had spent the day looking for a nice 10 point I had shot. We brought in dogs and everything, and still no deer.

Because of all the animals and hunters looking he decided to hunt an 80 acre harvested peanut field. Well he was 25 feet up a pine tree when day broke, and sure enough a doe was standing in that field. He looked at her to make sure she was mature. All of a sudden horns filled the Simmons scope atop the Remington 30-06 ADL. As he was watching he could see that the doe was staring straight at him. Both deer were in the middle of the field about 100 yards from my brother.

Thinking the doe might bolt at any second he brought his attention to the buck. The buck was hidden in some grass on a little rise. All he could see was the neck and rack. So he lowered his scope to where he thought the base of the neck should be and fired. All the deer ran, the buck stopped at the edge of the field 300 yards away and he shot again.

He quickly got out of the tree and ran all the way to a woods road in the back of the field, thinking that maybe he would try and get back with the hot doe. Well after 15 minutes a doe came by, he shot her and then went back to where he last saw the buck. Looking everywhere for blood he finally found one tiny speck and got down on hands and knees looking. When he found him, he was on cloud nine. Both shots had been right on in the neck. I'm telling you if I had laid a pencil between them, they would have touched. His final net Boone and Crockett score was 201 3/8 and 24 points with a 23 3/8 inside spread. Truly a buck of a lifetime.

Side note: The evening before when I was hunting in the same area, I shot the big 10 and heard a fight of the likes I can't explain in words and too dark for a stalk. The taxidermist said this buck was the biggest ever in his shop, even did a free show mount, but said that this buck had been in a fight within a couple of days and looked like he got the worst of it. Was it the fight I heard? Don't know, but I bet it was. This deer was killed in Wilkinson County Georgia on a family farm. As we headed to Macon on Hwy 16 we had traffic pulling us over to see this wonderful beast...


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Some day

I hunt hard with hopes to someday take a buck like this one.  I hunt in Bleckley County just outside of Cochran.  Curious who did the taxidermy?  Was it Trails End in Macon?  Those guys are top notch and really customer focused.  That's an intimidating buck.  Sure would love to be sitting by the fire place with that big guy looking down on me.

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That sure is one awesome

That sure is one awesome buck!!!!! I love those wide racked bucks. He is also pretty tall and heavy and has a number of kickers. Just one awesome deer. I can't imagine the feeling of walking up on one like that and grabbing a hold of his antlers. I bet that was one sweet moment. Thanks for the story and the pics, I enjoyed them. Oh yeah, congratulations to your brother on the buck of a lifetime.

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Congratulations!!!!! That is

Congratulations!!!!! That is one awesome buck. I really enjoyed the story and the pictures. Tell your brother congrats on one fine buck. Did you ever see ro find the buck you shot. I was just curious. Let us all know.

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Congrats!! thats one heck of

Congrats!! thats one heck of a buck. I could only hope to harvest a animal like that in my life time. To bad you couldnt find the buck you shot, thanks for sharing your story.

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Way to go Craig!!!!!! Great

Way to go Craig!!!!!!

Great story... that is the way to wade into this forum.... we genuinely appreciate you contributing!!

What an absolute beast of a buck!!!

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Wow, that is a great buck!  I

Wow, that is a great buck!  I can't imgine what the other one would have been like.....

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That's a very nice buck! Too

That's a very nice buck! Too bad you couldn't find the one that you shot the day before that got the best of this one.


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Wow, that buck has some width

Wow, that buck has some width along with points and mass.  When I saw the pisture before reading your story, I thought sure he was probably taken from Texas or one of the midwest hotspots.  Congratulations on a beautiful whitetail.