Successful New York Hunt

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I started hunting when I was about 11 (over 30 years ago).  I used to go out with my father on opening day of rifle season.  It is something I will never forget.  I learned so much from him about hunting and the nature of deer. It seemed like we would walk for hours, we would then sit on a log and have a snack while my dad explained why he chose this location to sit. Hunting with him were some of my best memories from my childhood.
This year on opening day I went out about 4:30am.  I sat up by a stone quarry where 3 logging roads come together on our property.  Just after daylight 2 does walked through about 8o yards away.  They stopped and looked hard to their right.  There was something there that I could not see.  One doe ran and all of a sudden this big buck ran out after the remaining doe.  I scoped him, saw a big body with a big rack, grunted once to slow him down and took the shot.  He never took another step.  Of course later that day I brought the deer to my parents house to show my dad.


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Nice NY Buck

Congrats!!!  Thats a

Congrats!!!  Thats a beautiful buck...what county did you take it in? (not looking for  specific

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Congratulations! That is one

Congratulations! That is one very nice looking buck. It looks like he has alot of mass, he is tall, and has darker antlers with ivory looking tips. All nice characteristics to make a beautiful mount. Thanks for sharing your photo's and your story. I really enjoyed it. 

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Congratulations on a very

Congratulations on a very nice buck. Yes, hunting with your family is some of the best times. I am really looking forward to when I can get my grandsons out there. They are 5, 4, and 3. I too like the chocolate horns with the ivory tips, very nice.

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New York is very underated.

Great Buck!  We fly back every year to catch the last couple days of archery and opening weekend of gun.  There is not shortage of deer and most people don't realize the high sugar diet they have in Western New York with Apple Orchards, Grape Vineyards, Sweet Corn and White/Red Oaks.  My uncle dressing out a 9 Pointer that scored 156 B & C after the deduction for the 9th point.  The main beams came out of the skull as thick as your wrist.

Good luck this year and go get another one.

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Very Nice!

Wow that is a good lucking buck.  They just don’t grow many like that in New York. 

Hunting with your family is a wonderful thing.  Many special memories there for sure.  Thanks for sharing the story and the photographs – and congratulations!



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That is one fine trophy! I especially like the dark antlers with those ivory tips. Congratulations on a successful hunt and fine trophy buck.