Saved By the Buck

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The morning of November 10, 2006 would prove to be a good one. I was going to hunt out of my favorite stand. Over the past 10 years between my son and I we had taken 9 bucks out of this stand and multiple does. It was about 25 degrees with a heavy frost on the ground. It was an absolutely still morning with no wind what so ever and it seemed like I could hear every little noise from miles off. I made it to my stand while it was still dark. Just after I settled in the stand I began to hear movement from what seemed like every direction. I am one of those people that likes to be in the stand really early. I still had 45 minutes before it would be light. I heard deer walking near and far. I anticipated sunrise with great expectations.

Finally, daylight arrived. It didn't take long to see my first deer. I did a rattling sequence and a 1 1/2 year old came in to check out what was happening. He was just a little 6 point. A few minutes after he came in another 1 1/2 year old came in and they immediately began sparring right in front of my stand. As they were sparring I heard something coming down the hill behind me. I slowly turned my head and I could see three deer. I could tell it was a doe and a couple of fawns. The two young bucks quickly turned their attention to the doe. They started chasing her all around my stand. In front of me, behind me, beside me, away and back again. All of this action and it was only 7am. These deer finally ran off.

About 7:30am I heard some noise off to my left. I saw a very nice doe walking towards my stand. A few feet behind her was another 1 1/2 year old buck. They milled around the front of my stand for five minutes when I heard some noise behind me. I slowly turned and seen what seemed to be a pretty nice looking buck. The young buck turned and started up the hill towards the bigger buck. They met about 10 yards behind my stand. Both bucks started posturing and I thought I was going to see a fight. The bigger buck lunged at the younger one and he bolted out of there in a hurry. The bigger buck was now making his way towards the doe. The younger buck made another appearance but the bigger buck chased him off again. By this time the doe made her way to the right side of my stand. Once again the nice buck walked over to the doe. I could now start to draw on the buck as they were both facing away from me. Then it happened. Just as I was about to let the arrow fly the doe bolted taking the buck with her. I had a 10 yard broadside shot and they were gone. But, then it happened again. The doe slammed her feet into the ground and stopped dead in her tracks and the buck ran into her. I went from a low of lows to a high of highs, but I was curious why she stopped. I glanced up the hill and saw the reason. Another buck appeared at the top of the hill and she stopped when she saw him. They were now 25 yards away and I had a steep quartering away shot that I knew I could make. I knew I had to make it quick though. I finally took aim again and let the arrow fly. It looked like a good hit. I called my son who had school in the morning and said you will be late for school this morning. I never really got a great look at his rack so I wasn't sure how many points he had. I knew he was a taller racked buck and thought he had 8 points.

I went home to get my son and we began to do the track job. We found the arrow and good blood almost immediately. It was looking good. About 60 yards into the track the blood trail disappeared. But I really didn't need it anymore. I scanned the area a little bit and saw the buck laying up on the hill about 20 yards away. I told my son how the buck up on top of the hill stopped the doe and allowed me to get my shot on this buck. I said I was saved by the buck. We walked up to the buck and I grabbed a hold of the rack. He was a tall 8 pointer with short brows. He had pretty good mass throughout the rack. He was a pretty good sized buck. He was 190 pounds field dressed. I took my son to school then got the buck checked in and off to the processor. I hope you all enjoyed the story.  


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nice buck

I do like those husky deer and a 190 pounder is most certainly a biggun'! Thanks for sharing that great story!!

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Great looking buck!

Great looking buck!

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Nice Buck

Loved the story,thanks for sharing.

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great buck, great story,

great buck, great story, thanks for shaing