Saskatchewan Mule Deer

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My brother and I skipped out on work early one Friday to head down south mule deer hunting before the muzzleloader season was over. We glassed a couple nice ones and a really big guy that was way out of range and we where running out of daylight, so decided to try one more spot with an hour left of light. Knowing the big boys would be on the move heading out to their feeding grounds.

We're not even there 10 minutes and 200 yards from the truck, all of a sudden this guy crested the top of a coulee with a buddy and what a sight. With the setting sun in the back ground lighting up the sky, fire red, time seemed to stand still.  As they made a short walk toward us and we belly crawled into shooting position, my brother ranges him at 235 yards and to far for me. Now feeling like the hands on my watch are whirling around faster and faster my brother says 170!  Feeling confident with my Traditions Pursuit LT, I let the smoke out and whack.. And there he was... gone!

Now he’s out of sight, we give him 10 minutes and start looking down through the coulee where the second buck ran out of, in the buck brush, all over no deer???? Now it’s getting dark, so we returned right back from where the shot was taken. We head straight to where the deer was on top of the coulee looking for a blood trail or anything to point us in the right direction, I knew the shot was good  and you could feel the whack of the bullet as it hit. We reach the top, there he is, didn’t make it 20 yards. I guess I should have started there in the first place.

This mule deer had less than 2 inches of deductions.
B&C scored him at 183 6/8 Net score


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That is a monster!  Way to reach out and touch this guy with your muzzleloader!

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Nice Muley

I always tell every one to forget about working lets go hunting. Sometimes it pays off and other times it don't. I'm glad it payed off for you. Great Job

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man if skipping work produces

man if skipping work produces big bucks like that I need to skip work more often.  That is a great looking mule deer.  Congrats!

Man that's one nice buck!

Man that's one nice buck!

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great story and a greal

great story and a greal looking deer

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Awesome buck!!!!! Great

Awesome buck!!!!! Great story!!!!!

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Great Rack

You have to show us the picture of the mount

Saskatchewan Mule Deer

That is one very fine looking animal to me, love to have him on my wall.

Cool story, and great pics, thanks.

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Great deer and story

Great deer and story groundhog, Congrats.

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Wow! I guess you didn't have

Wow! I guess you didn't have to look twice to see that he was a keeper!

You said you went "down south" to hunt - where did you come from?

Any info on your weapon and load?

That is a really nice buck.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Good pictures.