Renewed Love

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I am a diehard big game hunter and about 8 years ago I took up goose hunting as a way to extend my time afield.  About 3 years ago I got really burned out on goose hunting.  We were hunitng 4 days a week and all that decoy setting and picking up was just getting old.  I was on the verge of sellling all my goose decoys and other such gear to go along with it.  That all came to a screeching stop at the end of last season.  I had been taking my then 4 year (Dylan) out with me a few times during the season as weather permitted. Did not want him to be in too cold of weather as I did not want to turn him off from goose hunting.  We had had no sucess in the past except the very fun time we had together in the field... which is priceless. Most of the time it had just been us two as I did not want him to ruin a hunt for someone else as a 4 year old can get pretty restless in a pit.  In Colorado it is hard to call at a flock of geese when you are doing it alone, but we had a great time, and on all those hunts my son will tell you he got a hundred geese every time out.

This was going to be my last day out as I had to work on the weekend closure.  I could not think of a better way to go out than to finish the season off with my son.  So taking him out of daycare was a no brainer.  Needless to say when I said we were going hunting in the morning he was excited, even more excited when I told him he did not have to go to school. 

We arrived at the field with just enough time to get the decoys set up and to warm the pit up a bit, it was a bit chilly this day so I brought the heater for the little guy.  While he finished his milk and donuts in the truck I got the decoys all set up and the gear in the pit.  When he saw how far away I had to park the truck he decided he would stay at the pit with the dog (Hunter) and wait for me to come back.  Got back to the pit got Dylan in the pit and got everything organized so we were ready to go, now all we need is some birds.  We started to see some birds coming from the south, but as luck would have it they were stopping short of the field by about 1/2 mile and going into another field like a tornado.  I thought this is horrible and we may not see a bird even get close.  Just as I thought the day was going to be over quick I could hear some geese from the west and I looked up and there are about 20 coming in and coming hard straight at us.  With Dyaln peeking out the pit I begin to call at the geese very slow and quiet, with just some basic clucks and moans.  They circle around the pit a few time and just as they started to leave, 5 break off and come straight back at us.  This time there was no circling.  As they were coming in I told Dylan to keep his eye on them and not to move too much.  Just as the birds were about to land 10 yards from the pit I gave Dylan the word to "TAKE EM," and we came up shooting.  I can tell you and so can my hunitng partners I am not the best shot with a shotgun, but on this day somebody helped me and I believe it to be my son.  I ended up taking 3 birds on 3 shots.  I do not know who was happier Dylan or I.  Before I could even get Hunter out of the pit he was already out there to retrieve the birds.  After that I did not care if I shot another bird that day... our limit is 4.  I asked Dylan if he wanted to pack up and go to breakfast, so we packed up and headed out. 

After that day I have a renewed love for goose hunting and I have my awesome little boy Dylan to thank for that.  He has been wanting to go out ever since.  I also use my decoy trailer for elk hunting, and I brought it home the other day to start packing for second season.  His eyes lit up as he thought we were going goose hunting in the morning.  Hated to break it to him but we still have a little over a month to go before that starts.  He will be going with me on my first trip out as I am going to try and keep the mojo going!

Thank you so much Dylan helping me remember there is more to goose hunting than the kill! Here is to the 2010-2011 season....good luck to all!


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That is great to hear that he

That is great to hear that he loves going out goose hunting with his pappy so much. Great story and I love the pictures. That first one with him pearing out of the blind with his nerf gun is priceless. I am sure that he will be quite the goose hunter when the time comes. I bet both you and him both can not wait for that day. Good luck to you this season.

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Great story. As I've said it

Great story. As I've said it on here many times before, experiences with your children in the outdoors is some of the best times you can ever have with them. Even though only one of my three children is into hunting as much as I am, all 3 of them would rather spend a day outdoors with their family than sit at home in front of the boob tube.

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Great Story

You got to love seeing the little ones out in the field.