The Red Morning Deer

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It was Nov 25th,  as my brother and I grabbed my gear out of my truck with lots of excitement! It's the late season, with crusty snow on the ground, crisp, cold -10 degree air being blown in my face from the North, "perfect" I said to myself. We are about to stalk our way to a set of timber that we have planned to hunt for the past 2 months. After scouting the area once again just 3 days ago with my brother in a bitter, windy, snowing, cold, and awesome winter storm, I realized, the time is now! This section of woods is ready to be hunted. Its a thick, long patch right next to a poplar ridge. Its ideal bedding and feed in the thick stuff, and the snow is hard but shallow enough for the deer to still dig... This is going to be a stalk hunt, no stand!

As I walked across the overgrown field approaching the woods, that 6th sense that every true hunter gets, jumped up at me! "Its going to be a good afternoon" I told my brother. Getting closer to the timber, his game face got switched on. I suspected with the recent hard weather that the deer wouldn’t be traveling far, and that there was a good chance they would be bedded down close to their feeding areas.

Just about to enter the timberline, he grabbed his binocs from around his neck and began glassing for any bedded deer. A few more steps and scan again, and again. I was then about 20 yards in from the field when a pile of leaves beneath the snow crunched under my foot. Movement! Doe! about 60 yards to the NE she stood up from behind a large windfall. Luckily we spotted her before she turned my way, as we stood there like  statues! Then I saw the ears of her poking up behind another windfall. The doe looked around, and a few flicks of her tail, "pheew ok, she's not spooked." She then turned and casually walked to her skipper and they both continued about 30 yards to the opposite side of a stonewall and began feeding. Now I can only see an occasional horizontal line of a back, and the twist of an ear.

The early morning sun was fire red when it lit up the buck as he stood up only to turn around and lay back down now having him pinpointed we moved to a better vantage point and awaited for him to stand one more time, it wasn’t long before he did and what a majestic sight it was of a red morning buck. With the red of the Eastern sky and the time seemed to stand still, until BANG down he went.

He’s not the best buck that my brother has taken but what a memory it was for the morning of the red deer, that’s what trophies are made of!


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Boy that's a heck of a buck! 

Boy that's a heck of a buck!  Congrats to your brother!!!

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Great buck.

Great buck.

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Congrats to your bro. That's

Congrats to your bro. That's a dandy of a buck.

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great buck and story

great buck and story

Congrats to your brother's

Congrats to your brother's great buck and thanks for sharing the story

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Great story, thanx for

Great story, thanx for sharing. Congrats to your brother

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Great story and what a nice

Great story and what a nice buck. thanks for sharing man. congrats to your bro.

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Very good story and nice

Very good story and nice buck.