One Crazy Day of Doe Hunting!

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It was early October, 2005, and it was 88 degrees. I said to my son let's see if we can take out a couple of does this evening. We got out to our stands and amazingly we spooked several deer around 3 o'clock. Right around 3:30 I heard my son shoot his bow and he yelled over and said he has one down. So, I went over to him. We tracked her and she was only about 60 yards away.

It was so hot. I took my shirts off and gutted her out. I was sweating up a storm. We dragged her back to the truck and I was covered in deer blood and sweat. After we got back to the truck the land owner and his renter came over to look at the doe. We were standing there talking and laughing and a nice sized doe and three fawns came out of the woods and were crunching on some acorns underneath a large oak tree. The land owner bet me a pizza I couldn't sneak over there and take out the large doe. I said you're on. Covered in sweat and blood, I grabbed my bow and snuck around the apartment house. As I was crawling around I made sure not to make any loud noises.

In the meantime my son, the land owner and the renter are all talking very loud and laughing hysterically. This was all taking place about 80 yards away from where the deer were at. After I snuck around the apartment I saw the only way I could get close enough for a shot was to sneak up on the porch and stay behind the enclosed railing. I finally made it up there and the large doe was making her way over to me. She kept watching the other guys making all kinds of noises while the fawns were eating away. I finally had a shot and then her fawns step in front of her. I was playing cat and mouse with these fawns for about 15 minutes. They finally cleared out and I had my shot. It was about a 25 yard broadside shot. now I had to get up high enough to be over the railing so I could shoot my bow over the rail and not spook her in the process.

She finally turned her head and I inched up and let the arrow fly. I hit paydirt. Right behind he shoulder. It was a pass through and my arrow went flying into the nearby pond. They started laughing at me because they thought I missed when they seen my arrow hit the water. The doe took off like a bolt of lightning. She ran all the way across his property. The crazy thing is on the other side of his property he has an old shed. The door was open and she ran right into the shed. We heard some banging arond for about 15 seconds then it stopped. We all ran over there and there she was laying on the floor. there was blood all over the walls and ceiling and we just couldn't believe it. This was definitely one of those stories you tell at the hunting campfire. Except this one really happened. I did not get a picture of my doe but this is the one my son shot that day.


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Meat in the freezer is as

Meat in the freezer is as good as any trophy to me. Good story and great times.

Good job, reminds me of my

Good job, reminds me of my first doe

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Sounds like a good day a

Sounds like a good day a great time and meat for the freezer

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Thanks for all the good

Thanks for all the good comments. Yes, we definitely had a great time and it was very good eating.

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Looks like ya'll had a great

Looks like ya'll had a great time. Gotta love them fresh backstraps off a doe.

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nice doe, meet in the

nice doe, meet in the freezer. good story, congrats

One Crazy Day of Doe Hunting!

Sounds like quite a day.


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Good read!

Looks like you guys had the freezers full!