Ohio Double Beam Buck

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It was a cool November 12th morning. As I sat in the stand and waited for the sun to come up, I could hear movement all around me. My dad was hunting up on this ridge not too far away, so I could hear him rattling right at first light. We make a plan when we're hunting in stands that are kind of close of how we're going to call. He rattled first, and then about 10-15 minutes later I'll do a calling sequence.

We did that then after about an hour, I saw my first deer of the day making their way toward me. It was 3 does, and they came walking right past me not knowing I was anywhere in sight. After they got out of sight, I did a calling sequence again and this time I saw movement and saw the deer had some antlers on it's head.

Turned out to be a nice year and a half old 6 point, and when he saw there were no bucks or does around he started walking away. I grunted at him, and he turned and made his way back out in front of my stand. So I knew that he was looking for a fight, but after he realized there was no buck he turned and went on his way.

About 30 minutes later, I did another calling sequence, and then a few minutes later heard grunting and and the sound of a deer coming toward me on my left. Nice buck appears over the little hill, and I could tell he was ready for a fight. He had his chest puffed out, he was doing what I call the buck strut, and he was grunting.

Since he was coming right at me, I couldn't get my bow up and get ready for a shot. All I could do was watch as he came closer and closer. That's when I noticed his left side was a little funny looking. When he turned and began to walk away, I got my bow up and ready. Now he was too far and behind some brush, so I did a couple grunts, and some doe in estrus bleats. He came right back in and this time I was ready.

When he got to be broadside at about 25 yards, I let the arrow fly. I heard it hit him, and he jumped and kicked and took off. Then I heard him crash. Waited for my dad to get to me, and we went to look for the blood trail. Easy to follow, and we came up on him about 80 yards later.

My dad then said his rack looks a little weird, and I said I thought so to. Once we got right up on him we both noticed he was a double main beam buck. I know these kind of racks are a little rarer for a buck to grow, so I'm glad I'm a guy who was able to get a buck with a double main beam.

Enjoy the pictures of him guys!


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That's a very cool looking rack. Most certainly different than most you'll see and a very unique trophy as well!

Congrats on your great hunt!

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Thanks for the comments guys.

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rare gem

Sometimes the uniqueness makes the prize that much more valuable

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I love it..very cool!

I love it..very cool!

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Thanks for the comments guys.

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Cool Buck

I like the bucks like that. The uglier the better for me.

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I still wanna shoot a

I still wanna shoot a droptine buck. Hopefully someday I will. I don't think any of the pics we've got of bucks on our trail camera so far have had any droptine bucks. You never know when a buck with one will come walking by though.

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I absolutely love bucks like

I absolutely love bucks like that.  He's a beauty!!!

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great story! diferent looking

great story! diferent looking buck, congrats

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I remember that morning well.

I remember that morning well. It was very damp, cool and extremely foggy. Great morning it was.