Ohio Deer: My Son's Biggest Buck

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It was the morning of November 6th, 2004. I had to work the night before but I knew the morning would be good. I had my son stay out at his grandma's and told him he needed to be in our favorite stand before it got light and I would meet him out there after work.

I got off work early but not early enough to get in the stand close to him. I went to the stand on the other side of the ravine about 200 yards away. I got into that stand about 7:00am. I could hear him rattle every now and then and I would rattle shortly after him. Just before 8:00am I heard him do another rattling sequence. Then I thought I heard him shoot his bow and I thought I heard what was a deer running off. I had told my son to only shoot a big buck today because the time was right for it. I told him no does today. Only if it was the albino one. Yes, we had an albino doe on our property. But, unfortunately, after the 2003 season I never saw her again.

Anyways, if my son did just shoot a big one I knew he would soon be making his way over to my stand. I said to myself 15 minutes he will be here. I heard something coming from behind me and I looked and there he was giving me the thumbs. He said he just nailed a big one. So, I got down and we walked back over to where he shot the buck. We found the arrow and it had good blood on it. We started to follow his tracks but didn't see any blood at first. I finally found a drop. then another and another. The buck went down a small hill and then all of a sudden it was like following a trail like someone was dumping paint out of a can and we were following it. The trail lasted about 80 yards.

I saw the buck laying in some brush but my son didn't see him. I stopped and said "go and grab a hold of his rack." He says "where is he, where is he?" I said look in the brush over. He was ecstatic. He ran over and grabbed a hold of the buck and he had the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen.  It was a great moment I will never forget. 


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great story

beautiful mount

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Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the comments.

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I hope you do top him this

I hope you do top him this year. Nice story

Great whitetail and story

Great whitetail and story

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A great story and a buck to

A great story and a buck to go with it

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I remember that day well.

I remember that day well. This year we are both going to top him!!!!!

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Great thing about that

Great thing about that morning was that it was 30 degrees, and a frosty morning, so you could hear everything.

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Yep, that's my biggest buck.

Yep, that's my biggest buck. I just joined the site, so hey to everyone.

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Well let me be the first on

Well let me be the first on this site to congratulate you on your success. Congrats!

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Great looking whitetail

Great looking whitetail mount and story!!

Ohio Deer: My Son's Biggest Buck

Sure is a nice buck. Great story about your son, enjoyed it.

Take care.

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Sweet buck

thats a sweet buck and a great story!

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Great buck and great story,

Great buck and great story, congrats to your son

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Thats a dandy of a buck and a

Thats a dandy of a buck and a great trophy. Congrats to your son.