November to Remember

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Nov. 27th proved to be a USA Thanksgiving to remember with a day off to watch some NFL and do a little hunting. With my wife as the driver and another set of eyes for me, we headed out at sun-up. Passing a few does to start off as we headed to our spot it was looking like the deer were on the move, she spied a good one last week at a location we have heavily spotted this year and insisted we get back there.

Wooooo what is that??? A big body in the middle of a field that I have drove by a hundred times and never seen a deer in, at 500+ yards I could see some head gear and knew if I got a chance I would take him.

A 1 KM walk and no deer, eyeing the area and looking for the route he might have traveled, I pass a treed slough bottom with a great game trail running through it,,, WOW. The sun lit up a set of frosted antlers rising up from the long grass but lacking the opportunity of a clear shot, I slowly made my way to a better vantage point. Breathing heavy and heart pounding,,,BOOM,,,I miss!!!!

Now running full tilt, the deer and I in a race to the end of the trees where I knew he had a 300 yard dash to make it in to cover. I think I might have even beat him to the end. Now out in the open, he stops to have one last look at me and that,,, is truly thanksgiving!

This buck has some years on him and was a true warrior with a load of scars and wounds on his face & one broken tine and teeth wore right down to nothing. I know he's not huge and doesn't point well but there was just something special about this deer and the hunt on Nov. 27th.


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Heck of a buck! Nice massive

Heck of a buck! Nice massive rack.

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great story with a heavy

great story with a heavy horned buck

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He might not have scored

He might not have scored well, but that is a massive rack, Great buck!!!!!

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thats a freak of a buck, i

thats a freak of a buck, i love it!!!!!!!

November to Remember

Cool story, and I think the buck's fine too. Interesting as well.

Nice picture, thanks.

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You must be talking about a

You must be talking about a different buck than the one in the picture, because that is a stud!  Love the mass.  Huge congrat's to ya!

Good story and very nice

Good story and very nice buck. Thanks for sharing

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I don't care what anybody else says, thats a Trophy in my book any day! Nice buck!