No Fly Zone

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I lived in Pueblo Colorado during most of 1997.  At the time, I was working for Peak Aviation, at the airport in Pueblo, refueling airplanes.  One morning, I was a bit early arriving to work.  I was the first person there so I just relaxed in my car.  It was light outside, but the sun had not risen yet. 

I had been parked for just a couple of minutes when I happened to look into my rear view mirror.  What I saw completely shocked me.  I had to rub my eyes, pinch myself, and rub my eyes again.  Standing directly behind my car was a whitetail deer with a huge set of antlers on its head.  It was almost too perfect to be true.  He must have been using my car for cover because he just stood there, for the longest time, perfectly centered in my mirror.  He was so close, if my trunk were open, I could have pushed him in.  Given the fact that I wasn't a hunter yet, I didn't think to count the points.  And of course, I didn't have a camera with me.  Eventually he ran off towards the main terminal and disappeared behind some other cars.  

Later on that evening, when watching the local news, I learned that the buck I saw did, in fact, make it to the terminal.  The main entrance was equipped with automatic double sliding glass doors.  Sure enough, he made it in.  Ran around inside, confused, and scared, but eventually made it back out with no apparent injuries to himself or others. 

To validate my story, I've searched the news archives but have found nothing.  I guess that buck must have known opening day was around the corner, and was trying to get the next flight out of Dodge.  Unfortunately FAA regulations don't allow for certain cervidae to board an aircraft.  I assume his next option was to head North to Pike's Peak.  Santa has a workshop there and; rumor has it, he's got some magic dust, that can make deer fly.  The attached picture is an arial view of the Pueblo Airport, provided by Google Earth.  One pin mark represents where my car was, the other shows the entrance to the terminal.  The red line is an approximate of the deer's path.


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Maybe you stumbled onto a new

Maybe you stumbled onto a new deer hunting technique - use parked cars as blinds - no not really.  I always wonder how some deer and other animals get so wayward in their travels.  Isn't Google map great  - how did we exist without it before?  Great for scouting or in this case telling the story.  Glad the deer got out safe, it is always sad when they are injured or have to be euthanized.  Don't mind hunting them in the field, just hate to see anything happen to them to make them suffer.

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Awesome Story

Thanks for sharing.

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Crazy story, too bad you

Crazy story, too bad you didn't have a pic.

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very interesting, thanks for

very interesting, thanks for sharing

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That's a neat story..thanks

That's a neat story..thanks for sharing.