New Hunting Grounds

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Well, this year I lost my usual hunting spot. The group of guys I was hunting with lost some of their land, so it was getting too crowded. So, I had to find a new spot and wasn't sure of anything until 3 days before season opened!

On Thursday after work, I found what I thought might be a good spot and went back on Friday to set up a stand. I know, not a smart thing to be doing the day before season, but I didn't have any other choice. So Saturday morning, I didn't have a lot of hope. It was really quiet! Didn't hear any shooting all morning for what seemed to be 3 miles around me.

I had my gun hanging on a hook when around 10:30 I could see a deer coming down a trail on my left. I said, "that's a buck, I'm going to shoot that one!" and as I reached for my gun, he stopped right behind two trees. I thought "shoot, he's on to me" and then he continued on right to me on a trot. I barely had a chance to get a bead on him and pull the trigger without muffing the whole thing up. But, I did, and down he went! I couldn't believe it!

I stood there in the tree and let it all sink in, snapped a shot of him with my phone camera, got down and stood there in amazement. He fell right on the trail, so I wanted to drag him off a ways to gut it. I thought, "man he feels like he weighs 300lbs!" I know I'm getting older, but I knew he was heavy. I was guessing 19-20" spread. I was being conservative and saying 19" and hoping 20. When we got it out of the woods, it measured 21 1/4" inside spread! Best I've ever shot in 42 years! It weighed out at 200lbs dressed out! So, I wasn't too far off when I said 300lbs live weight. Man, was I excited, and really glad I lost my other hunting spot!


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What a GREAT buck, congrats



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smoked him

Now that there's a big brute of a buck! Congratulations on taking that fine animal. I must admit that the dragging ain't as easy for me as it once was!!

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Congratulations! that's a

Congratulations! that's a real beauty!

I t sounds to me like you might have found a good spot to hunt. Not just that you got a nice deer, but if it isn't pressured, you may be able to do some scouting and really figure out where the travel corridors, bedding areas, etc. are. You might have a true "honey hole" all to yourself.

Thanks for the report and pictures.