Nebraska Hybrid Turkey Hunt (Rio Grande / Merriams)

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We did a Spring Turkey Hunt with Hunt Nebraska Inc. in the area surrounding Arapahoe, Nebraska last Spring and had an excellent experience after a horrible flight in a storm from Denver to McCook. (We won't get political, but it was Senator Ben Nelson airport after he pulled off the Cornhusker Kickback so a little upchuck may have been appropriate).

This area holds Merriams and Rio Grandes and apparently they interbreed to produce Hybrids.  You'd look in a tree to see semi copper tipped fans next to some that were white tipped.  You can tell in my pictures that my birds are not bright white or copper.

None of the locations we hunted had any birds that were call shy.  The different terrains and vegetation areas made us feel like we were on four different hunts as we each shot both of our birds together and photograghed and filmed everything.

After we got our Toms, it was off to Prairie Dog Hunting with the .22-250's.  Great trip and we highly recommend this outfitter for Deer, Turkey and Upland Bird Hunting.  We can't say enough about what a great experience it was.

This was another hunt we purchased at the SCI Convention in Reno.  You simply cannot put a price on physically meeting outfitters before booking a hunt with them.  In this, bidding on one of their hunts.

Hunt Nebraska Inc. exceeded all of our expectations and we will be doing a company corporate Pheasant Hunt with them in the near future.  We also had the benefit of seeing and climbing in most of their Whitetail Treestands as we were Turkey Hunting the same areas.  It's fantastic to preview and scout a potential Deer Hunting trip while you are picking up fresh sheds, looking at last year's rubs and getting a full view of where you will hunt ahead of time.  If you've ever walked into a guided or outfitted hunt blind, you'll appreciate what I am talking about.

Enjoy the photos.

Arapahoe Nebraska Hybrid Turkey

Nebraska Turkey on Roost

Nebraska Turkey

Nebraska Turkey

Nebraska Tom shot at 40 yards, 3 1/2"- 4 Shot


numbnutz's picture

Looks like you had some fun

Looks like you had some fun onthis hunt, Congrats on the fine looking turkey. I really liked reading this story, Thanks for sharing and hope to hear more soon.

ManOfTheFall's picture

Sounds like you guys had a

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Very nice looking birds you got there. You also have some very nice pictures and it seems like you were able to get some good closeup shots as well. I've never hunted with an outfitter and don't know if I ever will, but if I do I may just have to check out Hunt Nebraska Inc.

Deer Slayer's picture

Those are some nice close-up

Those are some nice close-up pictures you have there. You definitely have some nice looking birds there and it seems like you all had a great time. I've never been with an outfitter but Hunt Nebraska Inc seems like it would be a good one if I ever do. 

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Say, it looks like you guys

Say, it looks like you guys got right into the middle of them! Those are some nice pictures. It appears as though they are not very shy at all.

I've never hunted turkey, but have some friends that do, and they really are hooked! I don't think they'd miss an opening day of turkey season if it was their anniversary!

Thanks for the report and the very good pictures. Looks like you guys had some fun and plan on having some more. 

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Jakes typically aren't shy.

The live birds in the pics are young Jakes that got as close at 8 feet from me.  The big Tom's I got were a lot of work hanging with some Boss Hens that have been around the block a few times.  Great Hunt.