My Son's 2010 10 Point

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2010 was my son, Mitchell's 10th year of deer hunting. He has now shot 5 bucks, all with his bow and 8 doe. One of the doe was with a shotgun and the other 7 was with his bow. I would say 13 deer over a 10 year period isn't too bad since he started as a 13 year old. He took his first deer with his bow his first year. It was a doe. His second year he took a buck with his bow and a doe with his shotgun. That would be the last year we did any gun hunting. In 2004 he shot his biggest buck which was a nice 10 pointer. He shot a nice thick 8 pointer in 2005, and a double main beam 8 point in 2006. He has taken a doe in every year but 2 so far. In 2004, we started to set our goals for mature bucks only. In 07', 08', and 09', Mitchell passed on several immature bucks but was tempted many times.

Mitchell and I were heading out for a morning hunt November 1st, 2010. We were going to our favorite area. Mitchell was hunting in "The Stand" and I was hunting in a stand I hung on an oak ridge right on the edge of a stand of pines. I had taken two nice 8 pointers, a heavy 6 pointer, and several doe form this stand. From "The Stand", Mitchell took all of his previous bucks and several of his does. I have also taken several bucks and does from "The Stand" as well.

The morning was cold, around 25 degrees. We had a nice layer of frost on the ground but the sun was suppose to be shining and it was suppose to heat up to around 40. We arrived to our stands about 45 minutes before the sun came up. I heard some movement around me before the sun came up but not much afterwards. I seen one young doe around 8 AM. Up on the ridge top it was rather windy so I decided to get down and see how Mitchell was doing. Our stands are about 100 yards apart but because of the terrain and the trees we can't see each other. We did text each other a couple of times throughou the morning. I had only seen that one doe nad he said he seen a small buck and a couple of does. When I was close to Mitchell's stand I saw his bow and gear up by the fence but he was nowhere in sight His quiver was missing one arrow so I assumed he at least shot at a deer and he must have been tracking it. After about 5 minutes of yelling for him I finally heard his voice. He was coming from the direction of my stand. He took the high path to my stand and I took the low path to his stand so we just missed each other. When he got back to me he told me his story.

It was right around 9 AM. Mitchell heard movement in front of him and behind him as well. Two doe's were coming from each direction. The day was suddenly heating up. The doe's cleared the area rather quickly. Mitchell decided to do some rattling, grunting, and bleating. After he laid down this sequence he heard some movement off to his left. Within a minute and he seen a fairly large sized deer coming. He then seen antlers with a pretty decent spread. The buck appeared he was going to walk right in front of his stand. Suddenly the buck stopped and made a sharp right turn up the hill. Mitchell had to turn and have his bow ready all in one smooth motion without being caught by the wily buck's peripheral vision. Luckily the buck stopped behind a large oak tree and Mitchell was able to make his move. Mitchell let an arrow fly from 25 yards away broadside. The buck took a few steps and suddenly felt a sharp pain shooting through his lungs. Mitchell watched the buck kick, whirl around, and head back the way he came. The buck went down in a heap 40 yards away. He couldn't exactly see where he went down but he heard him crash.

That brings us back to where we met by the fence. We went down to where he shot the buck. We found the arrow, it looked good and we bagan to track him. The buck had crashed about a 1/2 hour ago so we figured all was well. I got on the blood trail and seen the buck first. Mitchell ran over and grabbed his antlers and we got several nice pictures. When we turned the buck over we seen he had a rather large scrotum. When I was gutting the buck I seen that his intestines had herniated into his scrotum. I don't even know if this buck was able to breed because of this. Maybe he was in alot of pain. We just didn't know. The buck was a 10 pointer. He had a 17" inside spread and his G3 was broken off on his left side. The buck would have scored around 117" if the G3 wouldn't have been busted off so he came in right at 111 1/8". I hope you enjoyed the story and I have included several pictures to go with it. In one of the pictures you will also see the next generation hunter, my Grandson.     


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That's a great looking buck! 

That's a great looking buck!  Congrats on that one!

I like the nub on the left side of the rack.  It would be interesting to know if it was damaged initially, or just stunted on it's own.

Very nice!  Thanks for the story!

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That is a great looking buck

That is a great looking buck he has a lot of great character.  Congrats to your son!!

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Thanks guys for the comments

Thanks guys for the comments on my buck. My dad and I really have enjoyed our time together we spend hunting. Soon it will turn in to a trio when my son is old enough to go out. I can't wait to see my son get his first deer. I'm sure I will be more excited than he is. I know my dad wnet through alot without having a father figure in his life and I want to be there for my son like he was and still is for me.

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Thats a great looking buck,

Thats a great looking buck, Congrats to you and your son! Is he still logging on to the site? I havent seen him on here for a while now. Great story, Thanks for taking the time to share with the rest of us. It would be nice to get a nice 10pointer like that, but we dont have many whitetails to choose from. Hopefully this coming season you'll be able to tag out on a bigger one.

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He hasn't logged on in a

He hasn't logged on in a while. I have been bugging him about it though and he says he will. He recently had a serious foot operation that fused three of his joints. He is recovering from that right now and he won't be able to put any pressure on it until some time in May. Also, just wanted to thank you and the other guys for all the nice comments.

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A great buck and a great

A great buck and a great story. Like the others I think it's great how you get to hunt with your son the way you do. I have very rarely hunted with anyone other than my father or my son and daughter, I can't even imagine it being any other way. Taking so many animals at such a young age seems to be something our children are better at than we are as my son also has now taken 8 bucks and a handful of does along with numerous antelope and 2 elk. I had noy yet killed my first buck by the time I was 18 and when I did it was only a spike.

I've been reading a lot about crossbows lately but have never had the chance to use one and here in Colorado I believe it would have to be in the rifle season.

Congratulations on a great buck and I hope you guys have decades of successful seasons together. Along with the little guy also of course, my grandson turns 2 in June and I already have many great plans for him.

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Thanks for a great story.  Sounds like you and your son have a pretty good thing going on with "The Stand".  Sounds like there are a lot of deer in your area.

Thanks for the pictures.... that's a very nice buck.  Does your son have one mounted yet?  I know there are people out there that would have that ten point mounted.  About how big of a body does a deer like that have?  My son shoots lots of deer in Maryland but none of them have huge bodies.  Out here in the West, it's not uncommon to shoot a 250 to 300 pounder, even without antlers that big.

Congratulations to you and your son on a fine deer.

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arrowflipper, yes my son does

arrowflipper, yes my son does have a mount, as a matter of fact so far he has all 5 of his bucks mounted. You can see pictures of our mounts in the photogallery section. Just look for photo's under manofthefall. I have a couple different galleries so you may have to search a little but they are there. This buck was a little over 200 pounds.

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Very nice

That's a nice looking buck!  Someday I hope to tag a ten point too but I haven't got there yet.  Sure looks like your son (and grandson) are off to a good start!  Sharing our love of hunting with a friend is a wonderful thing - when that friend is a family member it just doesn't get much better than that

Thanks for sharing the story and the photographs.


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Hey - Congratulations to your

Hey - Congratulations to your son on that fine buck! A ten-pointer, too - that's really cool!I have never shot a 10 and neither have a very large percentage of whitetail hunters. I have a friend who shot his 102nd buck last season and still hasn't got a 10-pointer.  I hope Mitchell knows how fortunate he is to have shot 13 deer in his first 10 years of hunting.

 That was a great story. I could easily picture what was going on with the cold morning (though around here 25 is a pretty nice day!), the sound of deer moving before light, and sitting in a tree stand when the wind is blowing.

 It's really great to be able to be out hunting with other members of your family. I have hunted with my Dad and I have hunted with my son, but not as much with either of them as I would have liked to. Keep it up and enjoy it while you have the opportunity. Job changes and life changes have a way of moving us apart and sometimes it's hard to get back together again for those special times in the woods.

Thanks again for the story!


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jaybe, thanks for the

jaybe, thanks for the comments. My son completely understands how lucky he is. I don't call it luck though. I call it being fortunate. He knows I didn't shoot my first deer until my 10th year of hunting. He also knows it took me 18 years to shoot my first buck and I was 30 years old. I have shot many since but my earlier years of hunting were very lean. I did not have a mentor and I learned everything the hard way. Yes, sharing the outdoors with your family is priceless. I just hope my son stays close as he gets older as he has basically been the only hunting partner I have ever had. Plus, as I get older I will need him more than he needs me, lol.