My Grandfather

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My grandfather had been taking me into the woods for as long as I can remember. He basically taught me everything he knows. He taught me that hunting wasn’t about killing an animal, but that it’s about much more. He showed me that being out in the woods with wildlife, listening to the sound of greatness, and spending time with family and friends is what hunting is truly about.

My grandfather has had diabetes his whole life. He has worked hard, didn’t really do anything outstanding but he would give you the shirt off his back. But six years ago he had both legs removed due to his illness. After he had his legs removed he was unsure if he would go hunting again. He felt that because his legs were gone his life would prevent him from doing the things that he loves the most. His illness made him weak where even sitting up made him sick. My grandfather is a strong outgoing individual who loves much more than hunting, but hunting was his greatest passion. And because of him it is my greatest passion. I was determined to help my grandfather who made me love the outdoors so much get back in to the outdoors.

The year after his legs were removed I started to prepare for hunting season. But this year I wasn’t worried about whether or not I fill my tags. This year would be dedicated for my grandfather! I planted alpha, corn, and many other food plots, I strategically placed trail cameras all over the properties that we would be hunting, and built enclosed tree stands in which he could get in too. I scouted and scouted and found the perfect places where he would be most successful. I chose to place enclosed tree stands among the corn field, and alpha field. These are places where most of the big bucks were seen. I felt confident that these would be the areas that my grandfather would be able to harvest his first deer sense the day he lost his legs. 

Sept 27th marked the opening day of the early bow season. Although he could not hunt bow because he didnt have enough strength to pull a bow back. But I took him out so he could see that this season was going to be one that we both cherished. We went out to the stand that he would be spending most of his time, and during the time we spent there we saw 21 deer and half were bucks. One of these deer was a giant one that I had never seen before. This was the buck that my grandfather had decided that he wanted. We left that day knowing that come rifle season if that buck came into view he would shoot his biggest buck.

Finally the rifle season had come and we went to that same stand we had seen the giant buck before.  And at exactly 8:13 am the same buck that had came out during the early season came out. It was fate my grandfather was supposed to harvest that animal. He raised his rifle that he had practiced with so many times, clicked the safety off and just like that my grandfather was the happiest man in the world. He had done something that he did not think he would do again. That season he killed his biggest buck, and surprisingly I killed my biggest buck as well. We both filled our tags that year. It was one of the best hunting seasons we had. It was all due to hard work, passion for what we did, and family.

The photo below is my grandfather on the left, myself in the middle with my buck and my cousin. I don’t have any pictures of his buck sorry.


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Meant to be

Call it karma, or God's grace.  That was meant to be and you were rewarded for working on granddad behalf.

That is very cool.  My granddad was my hunting mentor as well. Although we only got to hunt together one time before he passed away, I treasure his memory.  We shared many hunting stories and swapped hunting books when he was physicallty unable to hunt.

I am very glad that your story came to such a happy ending for you and your grand dad.

Thanks for sharing it,


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Very nice story!  I had some

Very nice story!  I had some great hunting experiences with my grandfather before he passed away.  Cherish all the moments.

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As you said, hunting is more

As you said, hunting is more than just killing animals.  The friendships and bonds that develop because of hunting bring much more to the hunter than the actual taking of an animal.  I am sorry you didn't get any pictures of the hunt but you will have a picture in your mind and in the telling of this story hear to remember it.