My First Mule Deer

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October 2007. muzzleloader season in southern Saskatchewan turned out to be a great weekend. I filled my tag  with this Mule deer taken at about 50 yards and only ½ hr of shooting time left before heading home, with a shot that left him dead in his tracks. We took a rough green score of around 165+. He is very clean with not a lot of deductions.

We came across a lot of deer with the majority of the bucks still in their bachelor groups with many of this size and bigger! The trip was an eye full of game with Moose, Antelope, Elk, Whitetail, and of course Mule deer. The upland game birds were plenty as well giving us a break from looking deep into the hills. We stopped for some pheasant and partridge, giving our trip an optimal amount of hunting opportunities.


Wow what a way to start out

Wow what a way to start out with your first

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You're going to have some

You're going to have some hunting to do to top that one

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Great buck!!!!! Nice story.

Great buck!!!!! Nice story.

My First Mule Deer

I just watched a show the other night of guys hunting in Saskatchewan for Whitetail in the winter. Sure looked cold and snowy, LOL.

Nice buck, birds, and pictures. Thanks for the story.

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That really sounds like a

That really sounds like a great place to hunt! As you were describing all the game that you saw, I was reminded of the stories that the early pioneers used to tell about heading west. They would flush upland game birds from almost every bush and clump of grass. They talked about the herds of antelope that stood watching as they passed. The deer were curious about them and would often come into their camps as if to see what was going on. When they got further north, it was moose, sheep and mountain lion. And of course, the buffalo were everywhere!

That is a dandy buck you have there. A one-shot kill with your muzzle loader, too. Congratulations on a great hunt and a beautiful buck!