My First Buck!

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It was the afternoon of November 6th, 2002. My dad picked me up from school, and we rushed home to get ready to go out to the woods for an evening rut hunt. After we got ready, we drove to our spot, sprayed down and began walking towards our spots. It was only my second year of deer hunting, so I still hunted on the ground, so I had my groundblind and my dad wasn't too far away in his treestand.

As we were walking to our spots, my dad said he had a good feeling we were gonna see some action, and maybe get a chance at a buck this evening. The temperture was good, and there was hardly any wind so we had perfect conditions. My dad and I did our fist pound like we do every time just before spliting up and going to our spots, and we said good luck and got ready for the evening hunt.

After we were both settled in for about a half an hour, my dad did a rattling sequence. It was maybe 5 minutes later when I saw movement to my right. A big old doe was making her way towards me, so I got ready to take a shot when she got close enough. In my early years, I basically shot anything, anytime of the year. Now I pass does in the rut, but me being in my 2nd year only having one deer under my belt, I wasn't gonna let her go.

Well, she decided to bed down, and I thought dang it now I'm not gonna get a shot unless she gets up and comes into bow range. My dad was hunting down a hill from me, so I couldn't see down over the hill. Little did I know that he had called in a big buck. He said the buck was slowly making his way towards him since he heard the rattling but didn't see any bucks he was a little wary of the situation.

Then there's movement on my right, so I move my eyes to see what it is. There's a buck about 20 feet from me. I was so focused on that doe that I didn't even notice he was coming in. Now I gotta get turned without him seeing me and get a shot. Don't forget, I'm in a groundblind, so I'm much easier to spot when I move. I slowly start to move to get ready for a shot, and he looks right at me. I freeze, and I'm thinking please don't see me and get spooked.

Apparently that buck my dad saw started to move off, so he starts clicking the antlers together and the buck that's by me looks that way and I'm able to move a little more before he looks at me again. This time I think I'm busted cause he stomped a few times and took some steps towards where the rattling was coming from. I'm now able to get my bow up, but I still need to turn so I can get a shot.

He looks at me again, and this time I can tell he knows something's there but he can't make it out and doesn't think I'm a threat yet. My dad starts clicking the antlers again and gets the buck's attention. I'm finally able to turn the rest of the way, but now the buck's vitals are behind a tree. He's slowly made his way towards the hill, so he can look over it and see if he can see where that rattling was coming from. He must have seen that other buck, cause he started doing what I call the buck strut. He puffed out his chest and started walking back and forth.

I still can't get a shot cause of brush, but my dad has his attention on the big buck that's just over the hill out of my sight. Finally the buck steps in a clear spot and I take the shot. He took off like a bullet, and he turned and all I saw was blood coming out of his chest. The big buck my dad saw took off as well, and my dad thought I shot him and thought yes he just shot that big buck. Well, I start going crazy cause it's my first buck, and I'm going daddy I just shot this BIG buck, and my dad goes I know I saw him. We both didn't know at the time we were talking about 2 different bucks, so when my dad said he was big I thought he was cause I truly thought he was a big buck.

We start tracking and are following the blood trail, and we find my buck. We both go running up to him, and then my dad goes this isn't the buck I thought you shot. I go he is, isn't he big? My dad says he's a nice first buck, but I had a big buck making his way towards me, and I thought that was the buck you shot. I said I didn't even see that buck. But we celebrated cause it was my first buck.

Ended up shooting him about 50 feet from where my dad shot his first buck. I was 14 at the time, and it was only my 2nd year of hunting. I hear alot of people say I didn't get my 1st buck till my 10th year or longer, and I know a guy who hunted like his whole life and still didn't shoot a buck. I can say I was taught well about deer hunting, and my dad said this would be a good spot for a groundblind, and it was. I would end up taking a doe in gun season that year from the blind, and the funny thing was that it was my first time gun hunting ever and shot a doe. That blind let me get my first buck, and my first deer with a gun my first time gun hunting.

I like my 1st buck's rack cause he has those 3 points on the right side. My dad and I both think if he could have grown into as big as he could have gotten, he would have been one of those big non-typical racks. He has 8 points, and he has great mass for just being a year and a half old. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the story of my first buck.


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Thanks guys.

Thanks guys.

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Very Exciting

You had me sitting on the edge of my seat with that story.

Now go get that big one.

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Never forget your

Never forget your first......congrats!

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I remember it like it was

I remember it like it was yesterday son. One of my most memorable hunts ever!!!!!

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Well, the pics did show lol.

Well, the pics did show lol. But thanks guys.

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great story, and congrats.

great story, and congrats.

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The pics didn't show. I'll

The pics didn't show. I'll try and post them again.


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That's Cool

That is a great story about your first buck.

And you are right about many people hunting for many years before taking a buck - or any deer with a bow. I even know a guy who hunted 16 years with a gun before he finally got a buck!

Man, I could sure sense your excitement there as you and your dad talked back and forth about the deer you shot, which wasn't the deer that he thought you shot, which you didn't see - whatever!

It's that kind of excitement in the hunt that makes it so special - and it's really great when you can share it with someone else.

Congratulations on the deer.

That rack really has a lot of character - I like it a lot.