My First Buck

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The first Buck I harvested was a little 3x3 blacktail with a broken tine. There wasn't any dramatics to the story. I was 13 and hunting with my dad. We got out of his truck to stretch our legs.

I went for a little walk in the woods to a clear cut about 1/4 mile away. When I got there I sat down on a downed tree and started looking around. After about 15 minutes this guy just showed up out of no where. He was about 75 yards away. I brought my dad's 30-30 to my shoulder took aim with the iron sights and boom. He dropped in his tracks. My dad heard the shot and came running over thinking I missfired or something.

I was jumpin' up and down with excitement and said I shot a deer. He didn't believe me till I walked him over to the deer and his eyes lit up with pride and he gave me a big hug. Then he walked me throught the gutting process and we got him back to the truck. I lost the field photos but here are the pics of his rack.


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Nice story..congrats!

Nice story..congrats!

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I remember it like it was

I remember it like it was yesterday

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Very nice. That first one is

Very nice. That first one is always one of the most memorable ones.