My First Bow Buck

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I was starting my second year of bow hunting. It was about 2 weeks into the bow season and I already shot my first deer with my bow on opening day. It was a pretty nice doe. It was now October 19th, 1997, and I was going to hunt down by an area I call the soy bean patch. I have a stand in a corner of a bean field. A river is just to my left, a huge soybean field is out in front of me, and there is a little bit of woods and a hay field behind me. I have always seen a lot of deer driving by this area and it was public land so I thought I would give it a try and hang a stand there.

The morning was a good one. It was a starry sky and a cool 30 degrees. There was frost on the ground and quite a bit of fog laying low to the ground. I was up in my stand 1/2 hour before legal shooting light and had already heard good movement in the area. Legal shooting time arrived and I had 7 or 8 does feeding out in the beans in front of me. I heard some crunching come from behind me and it was a little 4 point buck. I gave a few grunts on my grunt call and he came right over. He presented a number of opportunities but I was going to pass on this buck. A few more deer joined the feeding frenzy and I had about 12 to 13 deer between 20 and 25 yards away chowing down on some beans.

Then, from behind me. I heard some more crunching going on. This time it was a very large doe. I was really tempted to shoot her but I wanted to wait on a buck. I used my grunt call again and I was amazed at what transpired. This large doe made her way in front of me. She was about 13 yards away. After I let out a few grunts on the call this loud crashing noise coming in from behind startled me. I thought to myself, this has to be a buck. Sure enough, I slowly looked and saw he was a nice 8 point. I got my bow up and got ready for a shot. I did not have to wait long. He placed himself between me and that large doe and stomped a couple of times. I had already drawn my bow and he was probably less than 10 yards away. I shot the arrow and I saw it was a good hit. It was a clean pass through right behind the shoulder. Now, I had one problem. After the shot I looked up and saw deer scattering everywhere. I watched them run and they all started out going the same way. They got out to about 75 yards and with the fog I really couldn't see them anymore. I thought I saw one turn left and all the others went to the right. I sat up in my stand about 1/2 hour before I got down to look for the arrow and blood.

I got down out of the stand and immediately found the arrow and it was just as I suspected. A very good hit. I followed the blood out until I saw where that one deer went to the left. I looked around but didn't see any blood. But with the cool morning and the heat of the buck's body his location gave him away. I knew he was down. I cautiously approached him and he never moved. He was definitely dead. I had now killed my first buck with my bow.  I was definitely hooked on bow hunting for good. I gutted him out but I had one problem, I could not get him in my vehicle. Being on public land I was kind of worried because I would have to go home and get my wife to help me load him up. I hid the buck and went and picked her up. We didn't live too far away so that was a good thing. We went back and loaded him up on the truck. My wife and my kids all congratulated me and I knew at this point the gun was going down and the bow was taking over. I hope you all enjoyed the story.


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Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the comments. Those foggy mornings are awesome.

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Great First Buck

Love hunting those foggy mornings

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great story!! very nice buck,

great story!! very nice buck, thanks for sharing

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Great first buck...congrats!

Great first buck...congrats!

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I'm not just repeating what was said when I say that I too love foggy mornings. They have been my best bow hunting of any kind of weather.

See my story, Foggy Morning Buck Down.

Wow! You sure had a hot spot there. It was on fire.

All those does around you when it got to legal shooting time were bound to attract at least one buck.

My hat is off to you for holding off on that first small one. I don't know if I could have done that on my first opportunity to shoot one with a bow.

Great story.

Thanks for sharing it with us.