My December 2011 Buck

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It was a cold December day in Iowa, we had been hunting all morning and hadn't seen a thing so we came back to the house to eat and warm up. After we got done we decided to go to a new spot. When we got to the spot we all spread out.

After about an hour I heard some leaves crunching when I looked I saw this nice ten point coming down the other side of the creek. He walked in and stayed there for about an hour. Well by that time my buddy started to push the timber behind me. The buck was about 70 yards when I shot first I shot three times after that with each shot he got closer and closer finally my last shot was the kill shot by that time he was 30 yards well he was a nice buck so I whooped and hollared I was just so happy to finally get a nice buck.


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Nice deer


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thanks its my first real nice

thanks its my first real nice buck

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Good Going!

Now, that there's a Dandy buck! Congratulations on taking that big boy and I hope there are many more to come for you as well!

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Way to start out, Montgomery!

Way to start out, Montgomery! The blood on your hands and the smile on your face tells it all.

I've been deer hunting for 45 years and have yet to get a 10-pointer! Congrats!

Thanks for the report and great pictre.