My 2010 Buck

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It was a nice chilly frosty morning and the date was November 3rd. My son had shot his buck November 1st and I was headed out to try and get mine. I was going to our favorite stand which is where my son shot his buck also. We have a few different names for this stand. They are "The Stand", "The Hole", and "The Apple Orchard". This stand has produced many does and several bucks on a yearly basis since 1999. It is our best stand bar none.

I am one of those people that like to get into the stand well before first light. So I headed out and made the hike and was up in the stand about 45 minutes before shooting light. I had heard several deer moving around in the dark but of course as hard as I tried I did not see any of them. Finally first shooting light rolled around and I was not disappointed. I had a nice 6 point come in on a string to my rattling. However, this is a buck I did not want to harvest. He hung around my stand for about 20 minutes checking out each of the locations I laid down some doe scent. This was shortly after 7:30. Then around 8:00 I seen a group of three doe coming through. I was pumped up because I figured there would be a buck coming not too far behind.

The next hour went by rather slow. I tried a couple rattling sequences along with a few grunts, growls, and bleats and didn't get any responses. I tried one more sequence right around 9:00 and this time I wasn't disappointed. Within 5 minutes I heard a deer coming the same way those doe came from. As I watched and waited I seen a rack coming over the rise. At first I wasn't sure if it was a shooter or not. He didn't have a large rack but it was a buck I recognized He was a ( point with a forked bladed brow tine on the right side and we had been watching this buck since he was 1 1/2 years old. He hadn't grown much in rack size since he was a 1 1/2 year old so I decided If I would see this buck this year I would take him out.

He was coming with his nose to the ground at a fairly brisk walk. I knew he would come on the same trail as those doe so I turned to the right and rested my crossbow on the rail of my stand and waited for him to come to my shooting lane. Once the buck got a little closer he began to sniff my scent wicks but I waited for the most opportune time to launch my arrow through his chest. He soon was about to come out from behind the large oak tree from my right. He was at 25 yards broadside and I decided to let the arrow fly. I seen the arrow hit it's mark. The buck kicked and dropped down onto his front legs. He regained his composure then ran like a bolt of lightning up the slight hill.

With the 2 blade Rage on the end of my arrow I knew the damage would be devastating and the buck would not go far. I watched him and when he got to the top of the hill he flipped over backwards and thrashed around for about 30 seconds was done. He went a total of 40 yards. His fate was sealed and my buck tag was filled. We had much larger bucks on our radar but I knew I wanted this buck out of the gene pool so I had myself a nice mature buck that went 210 pounds on the hoof and scored a little over 110".

I immediately texted my son and told him to get out to "The Stand" and help me with my buck. When he got there I told him the story and we walked up to the buck, took a few pictures, then went to work on the buck and brought him home. There are some field shots of this buck in the whitetail forums under the header "Another Ohio Buck Down." Thanks for reading my story. I hope you all enjoyed it and the pictures.  


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Thats a great looking buck! I

Thats a great looking buck!

I like them bucks that are nice and wide, gives them there own unique look.

Looks like you got a nice shot on him too. Hopefully you do just as good his year.

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Great looking buck, I really

Great looking buck, I really liked your story, both you and your son had good season. thanks again for sharing and congrats on the fine deer.

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Just throwing in a

Just throwing in a congratulations to my dad. I hope you all liked the photography work, I was the one taking the photo's. My dad is right on about that stand site. That is by far our single best stand ever. I can't wait to see what we will tag out of the stand next year. That used to be my dad's spot but I kind of eased my way in there and claimed it as my own. As you can see we both still hunt out of it but if we are out together in that area, I'm usually sitting in "The Stand".

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Thats a fantastic buck in my

Thats a fantastic buck in my book and I can only imagine the thrill you had when your well placed arrow hit it's mark. I've yet to take a good buck with my Mathew's but I hope it's one like that, Congrat's on the hunt and great story.

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You must have some fantastic bucks.

ManoftheFall –You have definitely got a keeper of a stand in that location.  

 Wow that’s a lot of white tail activity for one morning.  And I have to agree with the other comment posters - that is a great buck to my eyes too.  I’d call that buck a wall hanger if I took it one with a rack like that.  You must have some fantastic bucks.


Thanks for sharing your crossbow hunt.  I don’t see a lot about crossbow hunting.  Up until this coming season New York only allowed crossbows for use by handicap hunters who could not draw a traditional bow.  But as of this coming season it will be legal for any hunter in New York to use a cross bow if they want to.  The bad news is that it is NOT allowed in the archery only season.  The crossbow has to be used in the regular (i.e. firearm) season.  I still think it’s a step in the right direction though.

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I'm with Jaybe on this one

I'm with Jaybe on this one and I think that's a great buck. I've only taken one whitetail myself but would have been plenty proud to add this one next to the other.

The split brow tine really sets that rack off in my opinion. I have not archery hunted in nearly 20 years and have to say how impressed I am in how the broadhead technology has come along.

Congratulations again on a fine buck and I hope you can get one of those big ones you were talking about.

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That is a very nice buck in

That is a very nice buck in my opinion. For you to say that you wanted to get him out of the gene pool must mean that you have some much better ones around that you hope will do most of the breeding. In the areas I hunt, an 8-pointer is a dandy. I would call yours a 9 with that slightly forked brow tine.

Man, those Rage broadheads really make a hole, don't they? I've seen many other pictures of deer that were shot with those blades, and they always really open up the wound for fast bleeding. I've never tried them myself, but I might have to do that next year.

That was a good story. It sounds like the rattling along with the calls and doe scent really did the job on both of the deer that you saw that morning. When everything comes together, it can make for a pretty exciting day. I'm glad that we have those once in a while, it makes up for the other days when things don't seem to go the way we expected.

Thanks for the story and the great pictures.