My 09' Ohio Buck

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I work midnights and it was going to be one of the first colder mornings of the year. I was hoping to get off work early. It was October 20th and there were several scrapes in this one particular area I hunt in. I didn't get off as early as I planned but I did manage to get off in just enough time to hurry home and get out to the stand.

As soon as I climbed up into the stand and settled in I began to hear movement. It was about 20 minutes before first shooting light. I had a few does walking out in front of my stand and I heard some rustling in the leaves toward my left. I looked over to my left and seen what I believed to be was three shooter bucks over by a scrape. The only problem was it wasn't light enough yet and even if it was I didn't have a hole to shoot through in this particular spot. Well, these three bucks went on their way and I was let down but still had hope it would be a good day. A few smaller bucks walked past my stand then around 7:15 I heard some more rustling off to my left again.

This time I had plenty of light and I seen this nice wide 8 point at that same scrape the other 3 bucks stopped at. But, once again I had no shooting lane. So, I began to scan the branches and looked for a possible hole to shoot through. There was one hole about the size of a baseball. I knew the buck would eventually go the same way the other three bucks went probably so I tried to make it happen. As the buck was scraping, looking off in the other direction, I brought my bow up and peered through the baseball sized hole. Luckily for me it was right where his vitals were.

I let the arrow fly and thwack!!!!! Success I had to aim just a slight bit high, but I nailed him in the spine. I finished him off with another arrow and then called my son to come out and check out the buck. This was a special hunt because this was the first year we were able to get a deer on camera and have trail cam pics and video of this deer and also be able to harvest him. I hope you all enjoyed the story, Thanks for reading.



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It's always nice to have a

It's always nice to have a trail cam pic along with your trophy pic. Congrats.

Great job scouting and

Great job scouting and getting that buck

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T cam pic's and the buck, thas cool!

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a nice looking buck along

a nice looking buck along with a story

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Thanks guys for the comments.

Thanks guys for the comments. This year my son and I look to have some really decent bucks on the properties we are hunting on. I think we will be posting up some very nice bucks this year.

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Great buck, good story,

Great buck, good story, congrats

My 09' Ohio Buck

Nice buck. I've never shot a crossbow myself before, but bet it fun as well.

You mention cameras and all, and if I have one regret it is not having had a camera for most of my hunting life, and can't share much, or look back on past adventures etc.