Mr. Invisible

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Hunting to me is more than a hobby it’s a way of life. It makes me relax and helps give me a peace of mind. I try to hunt as much as I can. Right now my main animal is the elusive whitetail deer. The season started September twenty seventh and ends in December. And during this time I usually travel back and forth between work and home where I do the majority of my hunting. And last weekend was no different. But last weekend will be remembered for the day I got the invisible buck. We called it because it was a large deer that was only caught on film. No one had ever seen it except in pictures. And Sunday was all about me and Mr. Invisible buck.   

Last weekend I went home to go hunting. When I went out Sunday morning I was met with a pleasant surprise. I was face to face with a nice whitetail buck. We called it Mr. Invisible buck.  But this wasn’t too big of a surprise for me due to I was sitting in a tree stand that I setup where the photos were taken of Mr. Invisible. This tree stand was decisively put in a funnel where the deer frequently travel through to go to the clover field. I spent a lot of my time during the preseason watching and learning about these deer patterns or how they travel from day to day bases.

After all my hard work, and all my patience, it finally paid off. I was faced with one of the biggest bucks in that area. At this moment in time, my heart is pounding a million miles per hour, and my whole body is shaking, and I’m warmed with excitement and adrenaline. This is one of the most thrilling experiences that a hunter has. Everything was working as planned; the deer walked right down the trail straight to me and stopped twenty one yards in front of me. I pulled my bow back and let the arrow fly right through Mr. Invisible. He went forty yards and died. I was so excited. I gave the deer twenty minutes just to make sure he had died and then I got down and walked over to the biggest buck that I have ever shot. Let’s just say when I put my hands around the deer horns I felt accomplishment, exhilaration, and great excitement.

This hunt was one that will never be forgotten. It is a story that I will be telling for generations. It just shows that hard work, and a strong passion for something can lead to accomplishment. I certainly am very thankful for this amazing experience and this amazing animal. I know that without my family that have helped me in everything this experience probably wouldn’t have happened and Mr. Invisible would still be out there. In conclusion my hard work, my strong passion for hunting, and help from loved ones has allowed me to succeed and do something that I truly wanted to do.



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Well done fellow addict!

That’s a FINE looking New York buck! 

 They don’t grow them much better than that anywhere in New York! 

You are blessed indeed.  Well done. 


You wrote: “Hunting to me is more than a hobby it’s a way of life. It makes me relax and helps give me a peace of mind. I try to hunt as much as I can. Right now my main animal is the elusive whitetail deer.” 


And it sounds like me talking.  I know EXACTLY what you mean.  Hunting is not a hobby.  It is an obsession.  Here in New York the white tail deer is THE game animal.  Every other hunting season while great in their own ways are just filling time while we are waiting for white tail deer season to open again.

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That's a great looking buck! 

That's a great looking buck!  Sounds like it was a good hunt!

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Great Job

That's a very nice buck you got there. I love your story and also believe that the hunting and stories must go on. Passing it down from generation to generation brings a family closer and the memories will never be forgotten. My dad has been gone for years but I still hear my sons talk about how they loved hunting with Grandpa. I just hope they hurry up and have some kids so I can take them hunting.

Great Job.

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Love the story.  I too feel

Love the story.  I too feel there is more to hunting than the kill.  I feel that the time spent in the woods with family and friends is ireplacable.  I have spent many a winter nights in the tent or trailer with my Dad just talking aboput everything under the sun and I would not trade it for anything.  We also went many a year without harvesting any animals but we continued to hunt as the time togther was more special than the kill.

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I also believe that it is important to pass the tradition of hunting to others. That is exactly what I plan to do when I have children of my own. I also believe that if hunting was all of a sudden many would miss it. I know that I would be lost without hunting. It is my way of spending time with family, friends and, being able to truly see the beauty of the wild. When I go hunting its not to kill something, it is to learn, and escape the hustle of everyday life! That is one of the main reasons I like this website, I believe that many of the individuals share this same amount of passion for the outdoors!   

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Mr. Invisible, that is a good

Mr. Invisible, that is a good name for a buck.  Very fitting for these elusive creatures.  Yes, I think for many of us hunting is a more than a hobby and is a way of life.  I think this is why it is so important to protect and pass on our hunting traditions. 

If baseball disappeared tomorrow it would be missed, but we wouldn't suffer.  If hunting disappeared I think we would lose something important.  Hunting builds character and hones and retains our primal instincts.  These instincts make us who we are and keeps us sharp and competetive.  Perhaps if the world was civilized it might not be so important, but it isn't and we can't lose these basic predator skills essential to our survival.