Last Day Javelina

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It was the last day of the hunt in Arizona and I still hadn’t filled my tag yet.  Roy my hunting partner had taken a nice boar two nights before right at sundown.  He and I had taken a hike and separated along a ridge.  He went one way and I the other around a finger heading back towards the main wash.  I had headed down the ridge for about three quarters of a mile and stopped to glass a hill side.  There was a brown bull making a ruckus and bellowing at something and I just didn’t pay any attention.  Now Roy had walked around that hill and was towards the bottom a little ways below me.  After glassing for a while and not seeing a Javelina on the hill I decided to head back to the four wheelers.  When I got back and was taking a drink of water I heard it, a shot.  I turned around just in time to see a couple of javelinas heading over the hill right behind me at a dead run.  I went back over to where I could see where they had come from and there was Roy on the opposite side hill bending over and cleaning the one that he had taken.  That is what the bull had been making such a ruckus over.  Those javelinas had been right below him feeding and he didn’t like it and I never saw them.  So after helping Roy bring his Javelina up the hill and to the wheelers we headed back to camp in the dark.

The next day found us wandering around just trying to find some tracks in the bottom of the washes with very little luck.  We had covered a lot of ground and had taken a couple of hikes and glassed the side hills and hadn’t seen a thing except for a few mule deer feeding on the hills.  I was starting to wonder if this was going to be the year that I went home empty handed except for a few pictures.

The last day of the season found us doing the usual loops on the wheelers through the bottom of the washes looking for tracks.  We had headed up some side hills to where we could glass but hadn’t seen a thing moving.  I was starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have shot the first Javelina that I had seen opening morning but that wouldn’t have been much fun.  We caught up with Bob around noon and had a nice lunch of some nice hot burritos wrapped in tinfoil and cooked in a fire, I knew that we brought Bob along with us for something.

After filling our stomachs we headed out again, I was still wondering where my Javelina was hiding.  I headed up a draw where I knew a lot of them would take a nap where it was nice and shady.  Roy headed one way and I the other.  I was just about to the top when crossing a sandy wash I noticed a couple of fresh tracks.  I figured that I had better see just where they went so I started to track them out.  I had gone about a hundred yards when I came around a large rock and noticed something on the ground.  Now don’t get me wrong, a fast worm will scare the dickens out of me but there was a rattlesnake and then I noticed it wasn’t just one but a whole den of them.  I thought to myself what have I gotten into? 

Then after regaining some of my composure and taking a couple of pictures I decided to leave the snakes to themselves and get the dickens out of there.

Now the time was getting late and I was still wondering if I was even going to be able to fill my tag when Bob caught up with me and suggested for me to try out one more spot before I gave up.  We found Roy and the three of us headed up on a road and then down it for a mile or so.  The idea was that Roy was going to wait until I got into position and then he was going to make a drive down a wash while I waited a ways below him to see if anything came out of it to where I could get a shot.  I had parked my wheeler and had hiked about a quarter of a mile when I saw the Javelina in the bottom of the wash that Roy was going to come down.  I headed down into it to get into range when I heard Roy starting down it.  I just hoped that I would have enough time to get into position before Roy spooked the Javelina and they started to run.  I had made it within shooting range and found a nice one.  I sat down and placed my pistol across my knees and knowing that I would only have one shot and put a fine bead on the largest one that I could see.  I don’t even remember the gun going off but then the whole side hill erupted.  There was Javelina running every where.  I even had a couple run right past me and I was wondering what had happened since I couldn’t see the one that I had shot at.  After hiking down the hill and to where the one that I shot at had been I saw some blood and knew that it was a good hit and that he wasn’t going very far.  Roy and heard the shot and had headed my way so I took up the trail.  It didn’t go very far.  The 120 grain Ballistic Tip out of my 7-30 Waters had done its job and the Javelina lay dead about thirty yards away in a bush that he had run into.  I looked at my watch and then the sun.  I had about an hour to get him out of the out of the draw and back to camp if I wanted to do it in the daylight.  Nothing like waiting for the last hour of the last day to make it a successful hunting trip. 


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Awesome story

WOW that sounds awesome, Javelina hunting, Burritos and rattle snakes. Now that's what I call a good time hunting.

Way to fill those tags. Keep on hunting. 

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Yes sir, always fill that tag

Yes sir, always fill that tag on the last day...LOL

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Nice one

Congrats, not always bad to wait until the last day to make the kill.  If you kill on the first day of a hunt your season is over and then you get to go back to the honey do list earlier than you expected.

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Great story, and very good

Great story, and very good pics.

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great story critter.

great story critter.

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Great story there. I had

Great story there. I had always heard from older people in my family that javs were undesireable and tasted bad and from their word I believed it. Your story makes me want to think about heading down to AZ and try these little rodants out for myself. Thanks for sharing. It looks like fun.

Last Day Javelina

Very good story, and love the pictures. I haven't applied for Javelina tag in a few years, but reading these stories makes me want to go again.


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You really need to get back

You really need to get back into hunting them.  At least the way that I look at it up here in Colorado it is cold and snowy during February when the HAM season is going on down in Arizona and that is the hunt that I go for.  That and with it starting earlier it gives me a few days to hunt some quail while I am down there.  And the meat isn't bad either.

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Wow what an adventure!

Thanks for another good

Thanks for another good story, and watch out for that big snake!