Jonah's 1st Buck in Middle Georgia

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Well on a whim I decided to head out to the tree stand after work and as soon as Jonah got home. We would only have an hour before sunset and then maybe 15 minutes after that where you can actually see something to shoot. I had talked with a buddy of mine and he suggested a different tree stand. I liked the idea for just something different and more chance to see hogs. I did allot of soft grunting almost every 5 to 10 minutes.  I could hear to my left something moving around but it's so thick in there.  Then I heard some leaves crunching I look out in front to the right nothing but then heard again and directly at 3 o'clock was a deer feeding behind thick cover. Told Jonah there was a deer.  He spotted it. 

I told him I was going to grunt again to see if I can get to step out.  Sure enough it turned and started walking our way from about 30 yards away.  That's when I said the words a Father or Mother should never whisper in a Son's ear.  "Jonah it's a BUCK."  Walking directly at us with no shot.  Jonah actually stood up to get a better position to shoot.  In my head I was screaming what are you doing its gonna bust us you moving all around....  I didn't say anything.  I kept my cool and at the same time was in panic mode.  Deer started to turn but was still in thick cover.  I looked over Jonah's shoulder and could see he moved his finger to the trigger.  I told him "Do Not Take that shot son."

He just nodded took his finger off trigger and then I knew he had his game face on to wait for a good shot.  In all that I did another bad mistake.  I didn't check his scope setting.  I'll come back to that.  The deer finally is in a slight opening and stopped.  It was now or never I thought at 10 yards in the one spot there was thick brush.  Classic Buck just stops still concealed.  I lean in and start to whisper, "Jonah do you have him."  He says, "Yes but I can't see him."  I ask again.  "Yes dad I'm on him, but I can't see him."  I tell him "son you have to take that shot, see the hole, (in the trees) Behind shoulder."  KAaaaBoom
Deer now steps out in the open.  "Did you hit him?"  "Get another bullet reload."  Jonah fumbling and shaking with excitement,  Dad fumbling trying to help.  So I pull up my 30/30 and I'm getting ready to drop this deer. Then it starts the Wobble.... Oh man... ARE YOU KIDDING JUST LIKE TV... Wobble wobble ker thunk right there.  "JONAH SON YOU DID IT!" "WAAHOOOOOOOOO YEAH" he says.  We're all high fiving.  He says "Dad I got to sit down my legs are giving out."  He totally was rushed with adrenaline. Awesome awesome awesome 1 hr hunt.  Daddy getting it done with his son 1st buck. 

Back to the scope.  After about 5 to 10 minutes of celebration I ask. "Why did you say you have him but can't see him?"  "Dad I had him in the cross hairs I just couldn't figure out where I had him."  The scope was on 6 power at 10 yards.  Oh well.  He still got him all on his own. 10 yards, 10 years old in 2010.  243 Rossi Youth gun single shot.  Stink oh man did that buck stink with rut for a young deer. 
I love the outdoors.  Take a child to the woods hunting and find out what life is all about.  You did it son I'm very proud to be your father, in Jesus' name we pray amen. 
Humble father.


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Great story, I really enjoyed

Great story, I really enjoyed it. There's nothing like being with your son when he takes his first buck. I remember when my son shot his first buck. I was in a tree stand and he was in a home made ground blind. I had rattled in a monster and I seen him near my son's blind up the hill. I heard the snap of his crossbow and seen the monster take off. He immediately starts screaming. I shot a monster. He said this about 10 times. I got down and went up to him and had him tell me about it. Something didn't add up. I seen where the big buck was standing and the buck he said he shot was not standing where the big buck was. We followed the massive blood trail and found his buck about 40 yards later. I now know there must have been two bucks I rattled in, the one he shot and the monster I seen which he did not see. Oh, well it didn't matter. We were in our spots less than a 1/2 hour and my son just nailed his first buck and in our eyes it was a monster. Congratulations to your son on his first buck and thank you for sharing your story.

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Humbly written, Jeremy and

Humbly written, Jeremy and thank you for sharing!!

In spite of the fact that he is not a 180" Booner (although I am sure the rack looked giant to Jonah - and likely still does!) - look at the size of the neck on that bad boy... and it stays big all of the way to the base of his skull!

Great work for both of you - you have demonstrated the love of a Father - not only for taking him hunting and allowing him to partake in a great ritual of growing up - but also by immortalizing his story on this website... he can share this "link" with his friends and be a hero over and over again!

In this cyber world, he will be able to immediately recall the moment and then be able to display it - and not just from memory!

He, like you, will never forget this story and I am delighted to be able to "peek over your shoulder" and watch it unfold too!

Thanks... great work, a great buck and a successful hunt - that was not without some challenges to make it all the more memorable!

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yes, that smile tells it

yes, that smile tells it all.  The picture is wonderul and it answered an age old question for me.  Why do deer have antlers?  The answer, from looking at the photgraph, is obvious.  It is to give little kids something to hold onto to keep them from floating away on cloud nine after taking a buck.

Congrats dad.  You should be proud of the little guy and he too should be proud.

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That's a great story.  I had

That's a great story.  I had the same scope problem with my first deer too.  It was only 4 power, but even at only 10 yards, you can only see hair in the scope. lol

Congrats to you and your boy.  Definately a nice memory to share!

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That smile tells the whole

That smile tells the whole story. He is one happy hunter. That's what hunting is evolving into for me....seeing the smile of on a young hunters face...listening to the story of their hunt via their words and jestures...Congrats to Jonah on his first buck!

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Very Cool!

That's a really cool story about a great first deer for a boy.

When I was that age, I couldn't even hunt small game in Michigan - seems like our state has been behind in so many ways.

That was a great idea to be grunting for pigs like that; it's almost the same sound that bucks make when they're following a hot doe. Works good to attract another buck.

Give that boy a pat on the back for me. will ya?

Hope you two have many more hunting experiences together.