Huntin' Hogs

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An expert, I ain't, but that sure does not keep me from enjoying some serious hog hunting. I'd wanted to hunt wild boars for about as long as I can remember and I finally took the step, along with a couple of Buddies in 2007. We went to a place near Waynesboro, Ga. and we had a blast. Between the three of us we took two hogs, what most call meat hogs of around 80 lbs. One of them, the first, ended up being shot with ALL four hunters present and at a range of about 5 yds, no kidding!

I shot the second later that afternoon and wanting to be a good Buddy stayed in my tree until dark after whacking him, so as not to cause a commotion for the rest of the hunters by getting down and going over to him. After all, he was in plain sight and only about 65 yards away in the swamp. Well, perhaps I should have said plain sight while it was still light out. Took us a solid 30-40 mins to find him, after mucking around in that swamp. oooops!

We went to a place in S.C. next (previous place was closed) and the less said about that trip, the better. We did meet some nice fellas hunting at the same time as us. But only one hog was seen and shot. There was good food though! We pretty much hit the jackpot with place #3, however. Another SE Georgia area near Wrightsville, Ga. and boy did we have a great hunt.

The weather was cold for the first day and rainy part of the second, but on the afternoon of days 2 & 3 Al and I shot some BIG hogs. For the record, this place is fair chase, no fences or stocking. Simply wild Georgia hogs that abound in this area and also grow to size X-large.

I had found some very fresh sign while stillhunting during the rainy morning #2 and decided to hunt an old stand I also found in the same area that very afternoon. Lucky for us the pouring rain ended during mid afternoon and we were in our stands by about 3 PM. Sunset was about 5:55 that day and finally at around 6:15 I heard, then saw a hog; a monster.

As he walked through the swamp at an angle and passed behind some trees, I got up and turned and then shot as he came out from behind a tree at about 45 yds. Down he went; up he got, down he went, up he tried to get, twice more. Four shots in quick succession and now he was still. Make that four 270gr Gold Dot SPs from a Marlin .44 mag carbine.

I sat down for a couple minutes to calm myself (and reload). I got down and the closer I got, the bigger he looked. Just before getting close enough to poke him with my gun barrel, I thought better of it and picked up a small stick instead and threw it at him. I hit him mid ribs and all of a sudden he was wantin' up again! I poked one more Gold Dot through his neck from about 10' and about 15 seconds shot #5 seemed to do the task.

It took 3 grown men 30 minutes to drag this thing 50 yds on fairly level ground and another 10-15 minutes to heave him up on the tailgate of the truck. It was almost 9 PM when he was finally loaded. We celebrated that night, but were up and attum again early next morning. Nada thing. That afternoon my Buddy Al heard a big hog coming in to his stand and he ended up whacking another big ole Georgia hog. Only two of us for this load (no drag, thank goodness!) onto the truck. My back aches at the memory.

We'll be back for our 2011 (January) hog hunt mid month and we are both already jabbering about it.

How's that for a load?

He was long and ugly too

Al and his big sow

Hog hunting heaven under a roof

It wasn't as much fun butchering as it looks right there


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Very good story. I enjoyed

Very good story. I enjoyed it. It sounds like you all had a great time. Not only hunting, but eating as well. I would love to take out a few hogs with my bow someday. It sounds like alot of fun. Well, congratulations on the monster hog and the very large hog. Also congratulations for nailing a couple meat hogs as well. Thanks for sharing your pictures and sharing and your story. 

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Congrats on you hunt! Two

Congrats on you hunt! Two hogs, one for each of you, is a successful hunt.
That sounds like you have an exciting time when you head to Georgia for those hog hunts. Hunting hogs can get addictive.
That sure was a big boar you tagged. I like the way you had him posed for the pics. He's big alright, but he looks bigger posed like that with you behind him with his mouth open. I'll have to remember that the next time we shoot one.
Good body sow your buddy killed. But cleaning them on the tailgate of a pickup truck had to be difficult at best. I cant imagine trying to attempt cleaning a hog that way. We use a hoist and gambrel to aid in cleaning our deer and hogs. It is tough to skin the hog with that thick shoulder shield they have while their hanging, but while there're lying on the back of a truck . No thanks.
Thanks for sharing your story and I hope you and your buddy get a couple more hogs this Jan. Good luck and good hunting.

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Ed - That is a beast of a

Ed -

That is a beast of a hog, for sure!

That thing must have gone four hundred pounds... do you know how much it actually weighed?

They make awesome mounts - there are as fierce looking as you want, also.

Make no mistake, they can and will rip you open, too... I grew up in south Georgia and we would often take pigs when we were deer hunting but we did not take many that large - we called the big ones like that "Piney Woods Rooters"...

So glad that you had good luck down in Georgia and I hate that your South Carolina hunt did not turn out as well - I live in South Carolina now... so I certainly wish it had been better.

At any rate - you know where to go back next time for some serious south Georgia hog hunting! My guess is you will be right back in the same swamp stand.... those black water swamps of the south are wonderful areas to hunt - and they are majestic and haunting looking. Love 'em!

Get on back down there and send us some more photos... the great thing is that they can be hunted out of deer season and offer a way to hunt outside of the normal big mammal type hunting!

Congratulations on the take - and good luck on future hunts - great work, good stories and love the photos!


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Some great looking hogs

Some great looking hogs there.  That is the one thing that I really want to try and hunt.  But being in Colorado we do not get alot of oppurtunities to hunt pigs and I am just not sure where a good place to go is....congrats!

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That's a heck of a piggie! 

That's a heck of a piggie!  Glad to see you had a successful hunt!  One of these days I will get a hog. Wink

Thanks for the story!

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What a Hog!

That really is a large hog, there!

I too am interested in how much it actually weighed.

We now have feral hogs in most counties in Michigan and they can be taken at any time by any licensed hunter.

I have seen pictures of a few (in an outdoors newspaper) that have been taken, but I haven't seen one yet, nor do I know anyone personally who has.

I keep looking, though, because it looks like good eatin' to me!

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at place #2. I have heard that there are some places that figure they can charge hunters and then just plead innocence when no game is seen - even when they already know there is very little game on their property.

Glad you came upon a keeper place with #3. Let us know how your January hunt goes.



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Big hog

Thanks for the nice words!

Unfortunately, we'll never know exactly how much it weighed as they did not have a scale big enough to weigh it. As a semi rookie, I didn't think to go out and try to find one someplace. I'll tell you this much, they now claim it to be over 500 pounds after comparing it with another they had killed there and which went 500. Me, I'm just gonna say he was pretty da*n big. My Buddy is convinced he's there as well, but I'm fine with the photos and the mount and the wonderful memories.