How to Properly Load a Hunting Pack

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Many people pay little to no attention to how they load their pack and suffer unnecessary pain and discomfort because of it. Backpackers, campers, and wilderness hunters alike often head out on the trail with a pack that doesn’t ride on their back the way it was intended to. They just start cramming without any rhyme or reason. How you load your pack will seriously affect your comfort throughout your hike/hunt.

  • First, load the lightest items, such as sleeping bags and light jackets, in the bottom 1/3 of your pack. By doing so, you avoid having heavy items pull you down and backwards while hiking.
  • Next, load your heaviest items, such as your ten, in the middle 1/3 of your pack closest to your back. This keeps your pack riding comfortably and snug to your back.
  • Clothing and bulky items—place your bulky items (including all your small items organized in colored stuff sacks) in the top 1/3 of your pack to lock the heavy items into place.

Accessible items—keep any items that could be needed any time, readily accessible. Utilize the side and top compartments of your pack for this purpose. These items include water, cameras, maps/GPS, spotting scopes, headlamps, etc.

By organizing your pack in this way, you will have a smooth, comfortable hike. Your back and shoulders will thank you, and in the end, your outdoor adventure will be much more enjoyable.  ____________________________________________________________________________

Ben Davis is a content contributor and fishing guide with American Sportsman Outfitters. Did you know that American Sportsman Outfitters rents hunting gear and other outdoor gear like NetFlix rents movies?

by Ben Davis• American Sportsman Outfitters