The Hold Tight Buck With "BALLS"

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Our annual 2009 rifle Whitetail hunt turned out to be one of the toughest hunts I can remember. With the weather been so warm and the deer not moving it made for a lot of work. We started hunting on Sunday morning with opening day being on Sunday we seen more than the usual hunters out. The day started out good seeing a lot of deer at first light but after the sun broke the horizon they where all hunkered down. That evening didn't produce either as the deer movement wasn't till after dark. This pattern continued for 3 days and we where finding the only way to kick up a deer was to get right on top of them and I mean right on top of them. The bucks would lay until you were anywhere from 6 to 20 feet away before they would make a move.

We would catch the odd buck chasing a doe but the big boys laid in waiting, not to be seen I don't ever remember seeing this few deer in the middle of November.

I named this deer "Balls," we seen him get up from his bed at around 9:00 am to run off a smaller buck and only gave us a minute to glass him and back to his slough bottom bed he went that was no bigger than 2 trucks parked side by side. He was 1km away when we where glassing him and could see a little mass but didn't know any more about him, so on we went to start the stalk as I walked through a coulee to get there all I could think of is "I hope he's not running out of the small slough that was situated at the end of the quarter section."

Taking my time so when I get close I'm not out of breath, with my brother 200 yards to the East of me we approach the small bind of trees and grass we are closing the distance fast, now we are at 50yds, 40yds, 20yds now at 10yds or less and no deer I'm starting to think he has given us the slip. I knelt down and paused for a minute let out a soft grunt and nothing, so now I'm 5 feet from where I had seen him go in and I let out an "F" bomb to my self thinking he was gone. I wasn't going to leave until I inspected his entire haunt, with one more step in a doe busted out I waited a couple seconds that felt like minutes and nothing. I walked another couple feet and there he is. I'm only six feet away and he makes his break for it! I was so startled and heart was pounding, I think with my first shot I didn't even have the scope up to my eye but I settled down reloaded took a deep breath and let him have it at about 80yds.

He's not the deer I was looking for this year but is still respectable with a green score that grosses 159 6/8 and a net score of 150 6/8.

I'm happy with the Buck that had the "Balls" to let me walk within six feet of him before he felt it was time to bolt!


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Nice Buck

The ones with balls are always the biggest. I tell my clients all the time they probably walked by more bucks than they could imagine. The big ones hold up real tight.

Sweet buck!!!

Sweet buck!!!

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One nice looking buck and

One nice looking buck and story

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Great read and great buck,

Great read and great buck, congrats

The Hold Tight Buck With "BALLS"

Neat story, and what a nice looking buck. He sure looks like his neck is swollen, and a burly guy, LOL.

Great pictures too, thanks.

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Great buck and good

Great buck and good story!!!!!

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Beautiful buck!  Congrats on

Beautiful buck!  Congrats on the exciting hunt.