First Deer Part Two

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Two years ago I had the privilege of taking my son on his first deer hunt. We had a great time and he was able to harvest a great buck.

Two years later I had the privilege of leading my daughter out on her first hunt. We had an equally good time and once again it ended better than I could have ever hoped.

It started in October during bow season, and we spent 4 days in the stand and never got deer close enough for her to shoot. We went back several weeks later for the opening weekend of gun season and she decided to take the rifle and to increase her odds. We got in the stand for an afternoon hunt, and spent hours whispering about the deer we had seen previously and all the squirrels and birds that were around that afternoon. But no deer.....

About 30 minutes before the end of shooting hours she had had enough and was feeling frustrated that we had not seen a single deer. She decided that she was ready to go back to the truck. I tried to encourage her to stay till dark, but she wanted nothing of it. We covered about 300 yards across the field on the way to the truck when a doe and small buck came out of the hedgerow about 150 yards from us. We sat down and got her set up on her bipod and noticed that both deer were looking back toward the hedgerow where they had come from. After a few minutes a nice mature deer stepped out and started working toward us. When the buck got to within about 75 yards she took one last deep breath and squeezed the trigger. The rest is history and like they say "a picture is worth a thousand words."


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  That's a great story - and

  That's a great story - and a nice deer!

 There's probably no better way for your daughter to learn that first and last light are often the best times to be ready for deer action.

 Thanks for the story.


This is the most ineresting

This is the most ineresting and impressive story I have ever read. Thanks for sharing! Hope to read more story like this!