First Coyote

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A while back I told you how I made my helper (Curtis) a coyote hunting freak. Well here is his first coyote hunt.

It was the winter of 2009 and we have had more snow in Kansas that year than the last 85 years. It was right around -10 degrees and the wind was blowing. Curtis and I were mounting some deer heads in my nice and WARM shop, we were drinking hot cocoa and eating some deer chili. Curtis looks out the window and he saw some deer feeding in my back yard. We watched the deer feed while working on our mounts. The later in the day it got, the more deer came out. Around 2 o'clock Curtis jumps up and says "look coyotes." That's all it took, he saw coyotes and I knew he was done for the day. We were watching the coyotes and they were circling the deer like they were hunting them. Curtis had this bright idea about going coyote hunting, did I mention how nice and warm it was in my shop. Well being the boss I decided to shut down and take Curtis coyote hunting.

We put on every piece of clothing we could find and started the half mile walk to the top of the hill were the deer and coyotes were. We sat in a brush pile and got settled in. Curtis picked up the Rabbit Squealer and started to call. The minute he stopped calling the whole herd of deer started to come over the hill to see what was going on. I looked at Curtis and told him that maybe I should sell that call as a deer call since he just called in a whole herd of deer. He didn't think it was as funny as I did.

Well I told Curtis maybe you should try the coyote howler. He picks up the call and let out a big long howl. The deer started to run in circles not knowing were to go. We waited about five minutes and hit the call again. This time a big coyote came around the corner of the brush pile. He stopped looked at the deer and let out a big howl of his own. The deer are going nuts and the coyote is starting to walk towards the deer. Curtis aims his 22 rifle on the chest of the coyote. He squeezed off his shot and hit the coyote. The coyote runs right toward the herd of deer and died. The deer didn't know what to think and came over to check it out and started to stomp on the coyote. I told Curtis that was the coolest thing I've ever seen. He was mad cause the deer was destroying his coyote. I told Curtis to hit the coyote howler and it would scare off the deer. After he hit the coyote howler about 5 more deer came over and started stomping on it with the others. Then I told him to jump up and start howling with the call and start walking towards the deer. He said "No way, I don't want them to stomp me" (city boys). We both jumped up and the deer left.

Well I always told Curtis we would mount his first coyote but it did not look too good after the deer stomped it. I'll just have to close up shop and take him some other day.



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I didn't know that


That is a cool story.  I didn't know that deer would attack a "wounded" coyote.  It makes sense that a deer would defend itself to escape or that a doe would defend a fawn, but the idea that they woulod actually band together to attack a downed coyote is something new to me. 

That is pretty cool.  Thanks for sharing the story.  It has made em think about deer in a whole new way.  It seems that they are not just passive prey animals all the time. 

That makes them even more impressive as a game animal to me.  Thanks for sharing teh story and teh information!

And by the way - thanks for bringing a new hunter into the ranks.  Anytime you can help someone bag their first anything, that is something worth doing.

Well done!


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Nice story. I wish that I

Nice story. I wish that I could just look out the window at my work and grab a rifle to go hunting if something strolled by. Your story makes me hungry too.... thinking about all that deer chili and all. That must have been something to behold. It would be pretty neat to see a bunch of deer going Quinten Rampage Jackson all over that coyote. They were probably just settling a score. That will teach them to mess with us again. ha Thanks for sharing.

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That is a great story..I shot

That is a great story..I shot my first coyote while goose hunting..he thoughy he was gonna get a free meal and instead he got a healthy diet of steel shot from the 10 gauge.

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Very nice story!  Congrats on

Very nice story!  Congrats on a nice yote......

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That was a pretty cool story.

That was a pretty cool story. I would definitely like to get a coyote some day. I have never particulary hunted them, but I have seen some from my treestand while deer hunting. I knocked some hair off of one's back with an arrow once. Then, one time I hit one but it ran into the thickest bryar patch I ever seen and I wasn't going in to retrieve him. I'm pretty sure he died in there. The shot was a pass through right in his chest. 

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That's Quite a Story!

That is really quite a story!

It sounds like you definitely did some work in Curtis' brain to make him into a coyote freak like that!

I found it very interesting how the deer reacted to both the squealer call and the howler.

They certainly are inquisitive animals sometimes.

Ha, ha - that was funny about trying to get the deer to stop stomping on his coyote!

And when he hit the howler again, it just brought more deer in.

Must be they know the difference between a coyote that can hurt them, and one that they can hurt, eh?

Thanks for the story.

Keep euthanizing those coyotes.