First Buck With Bow

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I have been bow hunting for whitetail deer since the early 90’s but just have never been able to close the deal.  Sometimes I missed and sometimes my arrow would fall off the rest or the deer would see me and spook; why I wasn’t able to close the deal varied, but it all had the same result – no deer.
And then I got selective.  I started passing on small bucks holding out for a big one.  I held to the old adage that you can’t kill a big buck if you kill a small one.  So over the years I had lots of opportunities on sixes and small eights, but in each case I passed.
Then last year I was hunting and while I was able to see some nice deer – shooters for sure, they just didn’t present a shot opportunity.  As my hunting morning was coming to a close I saw movement about 150 yards away in the brush.  It was just a quick patch of brown moving through the thicket but I knew it was a deer.  I just didn’t know what sex or size.
I bleated with my Primos doe bleat and waited.  The deer, a young seven-point buck showed itself in the pasture on the other side of the brush and it was obvious that he heard my bleat.  So I bleated again and he started moving toward me.  At about 100 yards, I gave the buck one more bleat and he picked up his pace heading right toward me.
That is when I had a heart to heart talk with myself.  Man, I thought, you’ve not shot a buck with a bow and now is your chance.  But he is too small I countered.  Yeah, but he’d be the biggest deer with a bow that you’ve ever taken.  Back and forth I went as the deer moved closer. 
Finally I decided I needed to get a buck with the bow; get one under my belt and then I can be more selective.  When he closed the distance to 20 yards looking for the doe I aimed my Mathews Switchback and let loose the Rage 2-blade broad head. It was a perfect shot.
I waited a bit and began tracking him.  The blood trail was easy to follow and I found him a short distance away.  I did it.  I finally got a buck with my bow.  He wasn’t a huge deer, but he was the biggest buck to date that I got bow hunting so he was a trophy for me.  Plus, he was meat in the freezer.
I think I made the right decision about taking him even though he wasn’t very big.  I am back to being selective but I now know I can close the deal and I think that confidence will help me get the big buck when or if I see one this season.
The other thing about this hunt is that it was the first time I used a mechanical broad head and it performed admirably.  I posted a picture of the entrance wound so you can see what the Rage 2-blade is can do to a deer.  Warning though, it is graphic.
I was able to tune my bow with fixed-blade broad heads but there was always a slight difference in elevation between the broad head and the field point.  With the mechanical the point of impact is identical and I like that I can shoot field point in practice knowing that my broad head will hit at the same point.


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Thats a great shot there,

Thats a great shot there, hopefully you have alot more bucks to come. GOOD LUCK.

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THAT was a great story ! I

THAT was a great story ! I really enjoyed reading it and the way thing's happened made me go back to my hunting scenario's. I really liked what you used to take him Thats the same bow I have and love it. I use the grim reapers with mine and so far have had no problem's using them. Again, great story and Congrats on your first!

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Nice story CVC.  You put a

Nice story CVC.  You put a heck of a shot on that deer.  I am going on 20 years with a bow, and I still don't have a doe yet, let alone a buck.  Nice one!

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it was almost that long for

it was almost that long for me too.  Had opportunities that I blew in the past, then got selective and finally said, enough.  I'm killing me a deer with the bow.

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That is a great story!  The

That is a great story!  The shot looks to be almost perfect!  Congrats on great deer.....any animal with a bow is a trophy in my book...especially the first!

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Thanks.  I shot him a little

Thanks.  I shot him a little higher than normal because the angle was so steep so I was thinking more about where it would exit.  Hoping for a bigger one this year.

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Looking at the deer makes me

Looking at the deer makes me think I am almost out of him....not much of him left in the freezer.  He was young and tender and I have to get another deer to fill the freezer.  I am amazed at the job the rage did on him.  I used the rage on a turkey this year and it put the turkey right down too.

Saw three bucks tonight, but no shooters as I am now being selective.  Still, it was hard not to let an arrow fly, but now that i have one under my belt I want to hold out for a big buck.

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Nice Buck

Hey -

 In my book, any buck is a nice buck.

When it's taken with a stick and string, that makes it even better.

I'm betting that you didn't put any part of the antlers in the freezer, and you won't with the next one either.

You are sure right about things going wrong to prevent you from getting a deer.

  * the arrow falls off the rest and spooks the deer

  * the arrow rattles as you draw back because your hands are shaking so much - and spooks the deer

  * you forget to use the correct sight pin - and you miss

  * you misjudge the yardage - and you miss

  * the string hits your clothing or the bow limb hits a branch or some other obstruction - and you miss

  * etc, etc. - - there's just no end to the number of things that can go wrong.

Glad you got that one and now you can be selective - - or not.

 Good story.


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Thanks.  Most of the things

Thanks.  Most of the things you mention that can go wrong have happened to me.  The bad thing is I still remember them and they haunt me.  I remember when I first started hunting with a bow and we didn't have ground blinds so we'd use the available cover if we had to set up on the ground.  I was down behind a rock when a buck came in.  Easy shot, except my arrow fell off the rest and he was gone.

Equipment is better today, but you're right things can and will go wrong.