First Bowhunting Success

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My second year of bow hunting had arrived. It was October of 1997. I decided to go out for an evening hunt with my bow. I arrived at my treestand around 4pm. I was hunting up on top of a hill in a small apple orchard. This apple orchard is surrounded by hardwoods, mainly oaks, and a small country cemetary.

I settled into my stand and began the waiting process. I had about 3 and a half hours of legal hunting time. The weather was sunny and mild, right around 60 degrees. As time ticked away I watched several different species of wildlife come and go. There were turkeys, squirrels, groundhogs, and of course several different kinds of birds. I knew the closer we got to sunset the better my chances were to see some deer coming up by my stand. Right around 6pm I saw my first deer. It was a group of 3. A doe and a couple of fawns. They stayed down below me and did not present me with a shot. After about 20 minutes they ventured back into the woods. another 15 minutes went by and I saw another deer. Once again it was a doe. She was making her way up towards my stand as she was feeding. Then the action began.

I drew my bow on her as she got to about the 15 yard mark. She looked directly at me and began stomping. Then she started doing the old head bob. After going back and forth with her for about 15 minutes she slowly turned and walked away. I was able to get my bow up and draw when she turned. I let out a meep and let the arrow fly. I saw it was a perfect shot. She took off like a bolt of lightning and I watched her and saw her fall about 40 yards away. YES!!!!! I just got my first bow kill. I was so pumped. I gave her about 15 minutes then climbed down and went to get her. The blood trail was phenomenal, even though I didn't need one, I knew right where she was. I began to gut her then dragged her back to the farmhouse. I shared my moment with my grandma, wife, and kids. She had a lot of good meat on her. I got a little over 50 pounds of meat. I included a picture of her hide and her feet that we used for curtain holders. 


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Still waiting on my first bow

Still waiting on my first bow kill.  That's a good story.  And ditto on the curtain holders, pretty cool!!!

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Never forget that first bow

Never forget that first bow kill...I love the curtain holders.

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Great Job

That first one is always exciting.