Father and Son's First Turkey Hunt

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My son and I wanted to give turkey hunting a try. It was the spring of 2004. I had never been turkey hunting but I did shoot a hen once when I was deer hunting. We bought a few videos and read some magazines to get a few tips for the upcoming youth season. We also took in the annual Deer and Turkey Expo and attended several different turkey hunting seminars. Where we hunt our deer we had seen a large number of turkeys in the fall and seen some very nice gobblers. I bought a box call and practiced with it a little. Box calls are pretty simple so it wasn't that hard to learn some of the calls.

My son and myself were both green and knew very little about hunting turkey. Opening day of youth season had arrived. My son had 2 tags and I had 1. We woke up at 4:45am and got ready to go. We talked about a few of the spots we would go to and we decided to choose the ridge where there were alot of tall poplars and we saw turkeys roost in this place several times. I sat in one of my tree stands and my son at the base of the tree. We must of chose the right spot because we heard several hens clucking up in the trees just as it was starting to get light. I started doing some cuts with my box call and we immediately heard some gobbles. I had a couple of gobblers come in but nothing came in close enough. After about the first hour or so things calmed down and we decided to move. We moved around about three more times. We heard gobblers off in the distance but none ever came in close enough.

I said to my son, we have about an hour and fifteen minutes left to hunt. I think we should go back to where we started. That area seemed to have the most action. We sat in a different spot but went to the same area. I was starting to lose hope. We were down to one hour left. Just then we heard some gobblers respond to my clucking. They sounded like they were a couple hundred yards away down hill in a valley. I would cluck, they would gobble. Each time we could tell they were getting closer. We went back and forth with these gobblers for about a half hour and they kept coming closer and closer.

Our time was about to run out in a half hour as spring turkey hunting ended at noon. I finally caught a glimpse of them and there was a group of three of them They had to clear this big bush before my son could shoot. I told my son to have his gun up and ready and to pick out the one that looks the biggest and let him have it. They were strutting and he shot. BOOM!!!!! I seen the turkeys scatter and I seen feathers flying everywhere. I knew he hit one but I wasn't sure where. We immediately got up and went after the gobbler. To my surprise he hit 2 with one shot. Imagine that. Your first turkey hunt and you take out 2 gobblers with one shot. It was awesome. We came upon the gobblers and seen they were both jakes. It was so exciting we didn't care they were jakes. The jakes were identical in size. They both had 3 inch beards and their spurs were 5/8 of an inch. This hunt hooked us on turkey hunting almost instantly. We had a blast. My son wanted to have a fan done on one of them and here is a pic of the fan. He had a head mount with a fan and the feet done on the other one but believe it or not it is still at the taxidermist.  


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Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the comments.

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Great story, i like the

Great story, i like the mount. congrats

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Great story

I like the tail mount

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Great story!

Great story!