Father and Son Kansas Deer Hunt

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I was working on getting my lodge ready for the 2008 hunting season and my son wanted to go scouting for Youth season whitetail deer here in Kansas. I told my son that I was busy and he should go out and let me know what he could find (wanted him to do something on his own).

My son came home right after dark and told me about these 3 larger than life bucks that he saw. I told him it sounded like a fish story cause these 3 bucks kept growing every time I heard the story.

The next day was opening day of youth season and we saw these 3 bigger than life bucks and I was in shock. We did not get a shot that morning but that evening we went to an old logging road and walked up and down the logging road four times to find the right spot. Finally we ended up right where we started. We set up and two minutes later my son pointed right on the other side of the road (20 feet away) and there laid the smaller of the three bucks. He was lying down behind an old log and all you could see was his RACK. We walked by the buck 3 times and he never moved.

My son pulled up his 30/30 and placed the shot right in the shoulder. The buck ran up a steep cliff and went out of site. We looked for blood and I found a big piece of bone and told my son we better go home, get a flashlight and come back and let him lay down.

Forty five minutes later we returned to find out the buck was dragged down the cliff by a pack of coyotes and all they left was his head. In the mount you can see how the cape was kind of torn up but I left it that way when I mounted it for memories.

Justin's buck Grossed 171 B&C and he is now one of my best guides in the lodge. All the hunters want him and I don't blame them.

Take a child hunting. You'll love the memories.

Scott Scherer  


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Beautiful Buck!!!!!

Beautiful Buck!!!!!

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Great story and awesome

Great story and awesome bucik!

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Very nice buck!!!!!

Very nice buck!!!!!

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Nice buck

Great story, nice buck congrats

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Congrats, thanks for sharing

Congrats, thanks for sharing