Father and Daughter Hunt

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The memories of a Father and Son hunt are Awesome but the memories of a Father Daughter hunt are SPEECHLESS. But I'm going to try and tell you anyway.

I was getting ready to take a few clients out west on a Turkey hunt and they asked if I would hunt with them. I told them that my tags were filled but I'm here for them not me. We later that night after supper thought it would be awesome to take my Daughter(CJ) out of school and take her on her first ever turkey hunt.

It was Midnight and CJ was so fired up, we decided to leave early for our four hour travel. The travel was a long drive at night, but CJ kept me awake the whole time with stories. When we arrived at our hunting spot we set up our hunters and then set ourselves up.

At first light I hit our new "Tom Teaser" call and the trees came to life with gobbles. I will never forget the look on CJ's face when those turkey's gobbled, she was in shock. The first 3 toms walked behind us and CJ could not get a shot but our clients got 2 of them. After celebrating with them they told CJ it was her turn.

We moved our blind to a new location that afternoon. As we were setting up the blind the farmer's dog ran right threw the timber scaring every bird to the next farm. Cj's faced looked like someone just kicked her cat, but I told her that it would be ok. I knew the birds didn't see us so I thought I would try to call the flock back together. I picked up our "Tom Teaser" and started calling. Within seconds toms started to answer. Cj was really excited and it was hard keeping her to sit still. 10 minutes later here comes 3 toms just 5 foot from the blind. Cj lifted her 20 gauge and took a shot. Feathers and birds were flying and flopping all over the field. Cj started to cry and being a concerned father I asked her if she was alright. She looked at me and said "Yes Daddy, I'm happy I just got 2 toms with one shot." (Luckily you can harvest both toms in Kansas on the same day). I looked in the field and wanted to cry myself.

CJ's first Turkey hunt resulted in 1 tom with a 9 inch beard, 1 1/4 inch spurs and weighed 25 lbs. Bird number 2 had a 6 inch and 4 inch beard, 1 inch spur and weighed 23 lbs. She made a spot in our 2009 hunting video and was named Critter Done Game Calls hunter of the year. It will be a hunt that I will never forget in my life and will always have a special spot in my heart for.

The long ride home was just as exciting as the hunt and the ride there. I learned a lot about my daughter that day and wish it would of never ended. I almost forgot to tell you that after the hunt CJ's dad weighed in at 900 lbs of pride, had a bullet proof vest and a story to tell longer than any beard on a tom.

Take a child hunting, it will last a lifetime.


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That's a great story Scott. 

That's a great story Scott.  I have about 7 or 8 years till I can take my first son hunting, but I am counting the days.  As some have said, the smile on her face says it all!!!

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Congrats to you and your

Congrats to you and your daughter! Just look at her smile - fantastic!

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Gotta love kids and

Gotta love kids and longbirds!!

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I've also had my daughter out

I've also had my daughter out a few times as well. Great times too!!!!!

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nice long beards, good job on

nice long beards, good job on getting your kids out in the field.