Camping Builds Young Hunters

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I’m a firm believer in getting the younger generation involved with the outdoors. My kids are kind of a mixed bag. My oldest really likes fishing and hiking. My daughter is more into hunting and wildlife viewing. My youngest is just like his daddy and loves everything. I recently took the family on a camping trip. Every year we go to Lake Billy Chinook in central Oregon. Over there we have a lot of Mule deer, various birds, and rattlesnakes. Every time we go I make a point to take the kids for a hike so we can view wildlife. This year we only saw a hand full of deer, and one snake, a few hawks. Unfortunately I did not have my camera on that trip. But I did take some pictures on our second trip. No wildlife but just some great views from the rim of the canyon. I also make sure to take them fishing every time we are there. In the lake they have Bass, pan fish, lake trout, and kokanee.

Although we didn't catch anything this year the kids just had a blast. I take them fishing around home at least 2 times a month. We fish in some local ponds and lake for trout. It brings me a ton of joy just to see them have so much fun. It also ensures the next generation will be involved, and they will have the skills to pass down the traditions to there kids and so forth.

Both my daughter and my youngest son are itching go hunting with me. My son is 3 so he will have to wait just a little longer. My daughter will be coming with me on my elk hunt in mid September. She is very excited to go. I hope that all of you with kids and if you don’t have kids take a neighbor kid and get them outside and away from the video games. Teach them about the outdoors and wildlife. My wife and I always look forward to our family camping trip, it’s a great way for us to teach them about camping, fishing and all the animals out there. This past trip we had the older kids even help set up our camp. We also had them help with meals and clean up.

On our trip we did the usual camping stuff. We went hiking, swimming, fishing, and even went on nature drives. I brought our raft with us and was able to take the kids out to explore the lake. My wife's friends go with us every year and they have 6 kids to go with our 3 for a total of 9 kids to 4 adults. Every night we would build a campfire and make smores. You can't go camping without making smores.

The campground we go to puts on little nature learning shows every night. One of the kid's favorite is the birds of prey show. The Rangers bring in some hawks, eagles and owls to show the kids.

For all of you that get your kids out good for you and for the ones that don’t I beg you to start.


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There's absolutely nothing

There's absolutely nothing better than getting kids outdoors, and camping is one of the best ways to do that. Thanks for sharing! Great pics!

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Great looking family and

Great looking family and great pics!

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Great times, great pics.

Great times, great pics.