Deer Hunting Success

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It was December 1st, 1988. Deer gun season had arrived. I was looking forward to the season with anticipation. This would be my 10th year of hunting and I had not shot a deer yet. I have shot at a few here and there but in some years I didn't even see any. This year was going to be different I just had that feeling.

On the first day there was a couple inches of snow on the ground and I was going to sit on the edge of a field. I got to my spot early and I was waiting for first light. Suddenly up above me on the ridge I heard alot of commotion. I turned around and saw about 14 or 15 deer running past me to the right. There was no way I could get a shot off though. I just sat on the field edge hoping those deer may turn and come down into the field for a morning snack. Well, about a half hour went by and I heard another ruckus above me on the ridge again. I turned and looked again and I believe what was that same herd was running back the other way. I began to question myself. Thinking, should I go sit up on the ridge? I decided to stay put. Then, it happened a third time. I wasn't wasting anymore time. I was going to move up on the ridge.

Each time I saw these deer running back and forth I heard gun shots coming from the opposite direction they were running. I figured if this was going on I would place myself between these two areas and hope fully to get a crack at one of them when they came back by.

I was now sitting in my new spot. I was up against an old dead tree sitting there on the ground. Figured, I was sitting there about an hour and nothing. It was now about 8am and I heard someone walking towards me. Just in case it was a deer I slowly looked to see who or what it was. To my surprise it wasn't a person, it was a nice size doe walking straight at me. She was about twenty yards and closing fast. Now I had a dilemma. I really couldn't move because I didn't want to spook her. But I had to do something or i would miss my opportunity. She was now at 10 yards and still walking towards me. There was one thing I decided I could do. I would let out a hey, jump up, whirl arond and shoot from the hip. I know this sounds crazy but at the time it seemed like my only option. The time had come. I made my move and yelled out hey. She looked startled and froze and I shot from the hip. Luckily I hit her right in the neck. She dropped right on the spot. I couldn't believe it I had just shot my first deer at 5 feet away from me. I think she was just as shocked as I was. I had heard all the stories about tasting the blood from the first deer you shoot. So as crazy as it sounds as I was gutting her, I took a lick of her blood off of my thumb. I really don't know if it did anything for me or not.

After I got done gutting her which took me about an hour and a half, I dragged her down the hill to the house. I got back and celebrated my first kill with my wife and two sons. My daughter wasn't born yet. My youngest son was very excited even though he was only 6 months old. He did not want to stop touching the deer. Today he is a deer hunting machine. Just like his dad. I'm sorry I don't have a pic of the doe but I don't have a scanner and couldn't get her on my computer. So I took a pic of my lamp I had made out of her feet. I guess it's the next best thing. By the way, I gut most of my deer in under 10 minutes now LOL.    


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is there anything better....

Is there anything better than reading the story of someone's first harvest? I truly enjoyed your reenactment of the tale. I can only imagine the "doe fever" that was raging as that deer walked in so close before you fired. very cool story!


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Ha!  I missed this the first

Ha!  I missed this the first time.  Great looking lamp!

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Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the comments.

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Nice story...thanks!

Nice story...thanks!

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thats awesome, thanks for

thats awesome, thanks for sharing

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There are some many things

There are some many things you can do with the feet it is amazing.

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Great story

I love the lamp.