Crazy Coyote

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It was another day at the Taxidermist when my helper Curtis and I were doing some deer heads. As we were doing deer heads Curtis asked me about coyote hunting. I told him when it all works out it has got to be the funniest animal to hunt. In Kansas we can hunt coyote all year long so when we get bored we grab a bow or rifle and head to the woods looking for the great song dogs. Curtis was getting pretty excited hearing some of my stories of hunting the old dogs. Next thing you know I decided to shut down the shop and take Curtis hunting.

This was Curtis’s first time out hunting the old song dog so we were trying to find extra camo and all the gear he needed to go out in. About 2 o’clock we finally left the shop and we were on our way. We arrive at a little cut, out in the timber that I have had great success hunting dogs at in the past. I first set up Curtis beside a big oak tree and covered him up with a camo net. I told Curtis no matter what happens do not move. I set up beside an oak tree just about five feet from Curtis and started to get myself covered up and ready for the hunt.

The first thing I did was grab one of our Rabbit Squealers we just finished and started to call. After about five minutes we could hear something in the timber coming our way. It was a big coyote and probably one of the biggest I’ve seen around here. The big old male just went up and down the edge of the timber looking like he knew something was up. After about 4-5 minutes he decided to go back into the timber. I picked up the call one more time and hit it. He came back out to take a look and that’s when he saw us. The coyote like always took off and headed for cover.

Well I thought for sure Curtis’s first coyote hunt was over. But to my surprise the coyote did something I have never seen before, He started howling down in the timber. Curtis had a look on his face like he was going to wet his pants. I then picked up my Coyote Howler and let out a big howl. It worked he called back and we could tell he was coming our way. To our surprise he came in right behind us and stood between both of us. The coyote was only 2 feet from Curtis and I could see that he was one scared guy. Curtis tried to move around the tree and coyote took off right towards me and ran within inches from my foot. Now I know how scared Curtis was. I looked at Curtis and started laughing but I did find a way to ask him if he was ok. Curtis said “ I thought that coyote was going to eat me." But the coyote isn’t done yet.

When the coyote got to the timber he let out a big howl again. I stood up and got ready. I knew this had to be a big Alpha Male. I got my howler out and hit it one more time. The big male came back out and stood 20 yards away looking at us. I was at full draw waiting for him to turn. Finally he turned and I let the arrow fly. The arrow hit right behind the shoulder and the coyote didn’t go 15 feet.

I thought I probably would never see Curtis again hunting coyotes but I made him one of our biggest coyote hunter around but that’s another story.

Below is a picture of the calls I used to call in the Crazy Coyote.



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Hunting coyotes is just fun. 

Hunting coyotes is just fun.  I've taken them with a rifle, but not a bow.  A bow is a real accomplishment that any hunter should be proud of.  It is fun to watch them circle down wind trying to hunt their prey without knowing that they are the prey.  To get a coyote with a rifle or bow takes real predator skills.  I look forward to going out coyote hunting after deer season winds down.  For me, it is great fun right after a snow.  Something about being able to see your breath on a snow cover field calling for yotes that gets me excited.

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Hunting coyotes is a great

Hunting coyotes is a great excuse to get out in the woods. Colorado has the same regulations... you can hunt them statewide, the whole year. Its a blast but I have not had that much success yet. Even with a rifle. I would love to try it with a bow though. I need to get better at calling and find some better areas. That is crazy what that coyote did. I can not believe that. Sounds like he could of given you a bite or two. I probably would have pulled the sidearm on him. That is pretty close stuff. I bet it makes for a cool memory though.

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Pretty cool!

I have killed my share of coyotes but none with the bow...yet!  I can also understand the feeling that you and Curtis felt while that yote was so close.  I was sitting on a flat rock overlooking a nice valley one morning and watching a coyote that I had just called to.  As I was watching the dog get into shooting range I caught movement on my left side.  I turned my head and there, standing on the same flat rock as I was, was a gnarly looking coyote!  We scared the beegeebees out of each other and he was gone before I could even think about shooting.  I did however get the other one.

Cool story, thanks for sharing!

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great story, gotta love

great story, gotta love shooting those dogs. that reminds me, i should go out and thin a few out before my next deer hunt. again great story and congrats on the yote

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That is a great story...gotta

That is a great story...gotta love hunting coyotes...I have seen them do plenty of strange thing, but by the sounds of it yours takes the cake...congrats!