Colorado Hunting Rookie

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I had just moved to Colorado in the summer of 1999. I had never even dreamed of hunting the Colorado mountains as a Utah resident but it made the move easier to handle. I didn't get to hunt that first year in Colorado but I did get to hunt with my Utah resident tag. What made this hunt special to me was it would be the last time for quite a while that my entire family would hunt together in Utah. Mom and Dad had moved to Idaho so only my brother could get a resident (cheap) tag. We were pretty excited about making the most of the trip.

Our family has always hunted to fill the freezer. A spike buck was in just as much danger as any trophy animal. My brother and Dad were able to tag their deer on opening morning. Both forkhorn bucks that were fed well on the local ranch in the bottom of the valley. I held out until day 3 before I was able to tag my buck. The reason I did was I had chosen to hunt that year with an open sight lever action .30-.30. I needed to get closer than both of them did with the .270. I was out alone on that morning hiking up a ridge that was just about 1/4 mile long and dropped into a deep valley where some local ranchers had setup a water tank. I felt pretty optimistic that I could catch an unaware buck who had needed one last drink before heading for his bed. As I reached my viewing point I could see below me that I had been optimistic for a reason. 3 does and a small 3-point were grazing around the water tank and were facing me. It was just a matter of time and they would walk straight to me. I watched them for about 45 minutes as they slowly worked their way up the valley through sparse Aspen and sagebrush and I had plenty of time to get ready for a shot when they reached me. I got a good kill shot on that buck from about 20 feet. I'll never forget the feeling of being able to contemplate what I was about to do while that buck was heading to me. The family is getting together again for the hunt this year. I am back in Utah as well as Dad and it's been 10 years since we have hunted together. I can't wait...


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Love the pic...thanks!

Love the pic...thanks!

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Nice pic of the country, and

Nice pic of the country, and good story.

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good story

good story

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Great story, I will hunt

Great story, I will hunt colorado sometime in my life.

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Great story. I sure am going

Great story. I sure am going to miss hunting CO this season and the ones to come. Hopefully I'll get back out there sometime soon. thanks for sharing

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That is a beautiful picture.

That is a beautiful picture. Good story.

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I picked a title and then

I picked a title and then wrote a different story. I'll write the Colorado Rookie story later.