Colorado Goose Hunting Fun

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Do not see a lot of waterfowl stories on here so I thought I would post up one from a great hunt we had in 2008.

To start the story off I have been hunting geese for about 10 years now and my wife (Jamie) has never really showed any interest in going goose huntung. Something about sitting in a hole in the ground for hours on end in the freezing cold.  Well finally in 2008 I convinced her to come along on a hunt that we were sure would be a good one.  The corn in this field was cut 3 days prior to our hunt which meant there was not going to be a pit to hunt from and we would have to hunt from layout blinds.  Which in turn meant it was gonna be a lot colder for my wife as you really do not have any room for a heater.  She is a trooper and I had complete faith in her and she would be just fine... and she did awesome never a complaint.

As far as the hunt goes you could not ask for a better day to be in the field hunting geese.  We had cold temps, but not to the point where the birds were not moving, we had good wind even though it kept switching on us, so there was some moving of decoys and turning of the blinds.  Things worked out perfect as the first bird of the day came in as a single and it gave Jamie a great oppurtunity to get the first crack at one.  Needless to say this bird came in perfect, squared right up in the hole coming right at the blinds and she made a great shot at a bird that was no more than 10 yards away.  After that the day just kept getting better for as long as it lasted.  We had small grouips come in for the next two hours so we were really able to pick and choose our shots and it made for a great day!  We ended up with a 4 man limit in just two hours.  The field worked so well with the blinds we never did put a pit in the field and the field produced all season long.

After this hunt my wife was hooked, she has gotten a new shotgun and I had her a custom goose call made and she is learning how to call, even though she is a world class flagman!!  She looks forward to goose seaon as much as I do, I can't wait until our 5 year old son gets to shoot with us!!  Happy Hunting!


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Great job on getting the

Great job on getting the family out to hunt.  Looks like a very successful hunt.  I've never goose hunted and don't really have an desire to do it although it looks fun.  Reminds me of turkey hunting in that the thrill and fun is calling the birds into range.  I've watched shows on making the calls and it is a real science and art and people take it real serious.  At one time I thought you just blow into it and that was it, but it is more like a musical instrument and takes time, practice and talent to master.

Agains, great hunt and story.

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Great Job

It's great getting the whole family out.

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Way to get the wife involved.

Way to get the wife involved. Mine is content on staying home and cooking alot of nice meals with the meat.