Bear Baiting Self Taught 101

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After seven years of applying for a black bear tag in the state of Wisconsin I finally was chosen for a kill tag.  I have no idea what I'm getting into other than I am going to attempt to get myself a black bear.  I found a friend that had a two foot chunk of a tree stump that was hollowed out all the way thru the center. I proceeded to find a spot on this Private 40 acre parcel of swamp land that I earlier received permission to hunt.

I then dug a hole and buried the stump in the ground and filled it with my secret ingredient (10 Gallon Bait limit) of Popcorn. As far as I can tell this is legal as long as the oil used is vegetable oil and does not contain any animal by product. Well needless to say one week later after placing the bait I returned to find the entire area uprooted and destroyed.  Then I decided I had better put film in the trail cam that I placed by the bait station exactly 30 yards from the tree stand I installed at the same time as the bait station. 

Above the bait station I tied a plastic ribbon in the tree branch five feet off the ground directly behind the bait station. I did this for two reasons. First to be able to check the wind direction at the station and to determine the size of the bear. I re-baited and returned one week later to find the camera full of pictures, 24 to be exact. I quickly high tailed it to the one hour photo shop for film developing.  This produced photos of several bears including the bruin you see in the photo blow. His back stands about 4 1/2 feet tall as you can see the flag in the photo behind the bear.  So game on and I luckily chose the right area and spot to hunt. I have religiously kept a meticulous schedule all summer long and continue to capture pictures of many different bears, including a large sow with cubs. 

It is now August 9th and one month away from hunting season, all is going according to plan and time will tell if success is in my future.  To Be Continued.........



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Up here in Maine we use a

Up here in Maine we use a bucket, drilled through and through suspended on a cable. The bears have to stand up to dump the bucket. It allows for a better shot with the bow and really helps judge size, and targets older bigger bears. 

If you have him coming in...just keep feeding him until you can kill him.



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Stay after him and you will

Stay after him and you will get him....good luck!

Nice Bear

Impressive....What County are you in?

Nice pics, let us know how it

Nice pics, let us know how it ends up

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Not a easy task


Good for you and good luck in the future, baiting is a lot of work and I hate when people say “Oh you hunt over a bait”!

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Persistance pays off keep at

Persistance pays off keep at it and you'll get him

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Thats a good looking bear,

Thats a good looking bear, good luck getting him this year.

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Great looking bear there.

Great looking bear there. Good luck on getting him this season!

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   Looks like you will be

   Looks like you will be getting yourself a black bear.

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That sure does look encouraging!

You've got at least one good bear coming into your spot - and it certainly appears to be during daylight hours, too.

It sounds like the popcorn is working well, but just remember - bears are omnivores, meaning they will eat just about anything.

If they get filled up on popcorn, switch to something else.

I'm sure that a quick web search will supply you with many, many different concoctions and receipes to try for black bear.

Good Luck!

Don;t forget to report on how your hunt went - good or bad.