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One cold, rainy October day, after talking to an old farmer friend on a remote gravel road in Georgia, I found myself with access to an awesome piece of property being long time family friends with owner. Diving into an all-day scouting junket of the large acreage, I quickly became aware of the fact that many good bucks called the property home. It was quite clear that I should be able to cherry-pick a couple of large-antlered bucks from the location come November. Hanging a few stands, I headed home, excitedly looking forward to my return visit in early-November.

Pulling back into the area on November 5, I was pumped. Hitting the ground running, I headed for the tree stands that I'd hung on my earlier trip. The corn fields were harvested, the rut was beginning to crank and action was soon in coming. I headed to another stand that I'd been saving as an ace-in-the-hole. Though I knew the stand was in an excellent place, I also knew that I'd be fairly skylined in the tree. First time in the stand, a big buck strolled right up to me, looked at me in the tree, and blasted off. Frustrated, and even more hardheaded, I blew the event off as happenstance. I'd try again in a few days.

A couple of days later, the wind was right for hunting my corn field stand again, so off I went. Warm clothes underneath, I proudly donned my new camo as an outer layer. Settling into my tree stand as morning light came I scanned the area intently for any signs of an approaching deer. First on the scene was a group of five mature does. Never once glancing up into the sky toward me, the does passed at 20 yards. Wow, this might work! I smiled inside.

About an hour after sun rise, I grabbed my rattling antlers and thrashed them together for a short while. Hearing brush breaking, I had the presence of mind to grab my bow and assume the position. Instantly, a large buck came running up to my location, slamming to a stop at about 15 yards, as the big buck scanned the area intently. I was sure he would spot me in short order. Not daring to move, I remained frozen, praying for good luck. In a moment, the big buck started moving hurriedly forward through some brush. Slipping my bowstring back to my face, I voiced a loud "uurp." Coming to an abrupt stop, the brute, glared about the area again. This time however, I was ready. Spying a small opening over the buck's ribcage, my crossbow up bolt gone in a flash. At the shot, the buck jumped, sprinted then crashed out of eye site. About 25 yards later, there he was another on for my record books.


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Enjoyed the story

What a good story.  I've been looking for more regional information and stories and came upon yours.  I hope it will work out for me this year in similiar fashion with a bow.  So I can post a picture and story as well.  Hope your 2011 season goes well.

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That was a great story. I

That was a great story. I really like the looks of that buck. That's a pretty good picture. He looks like a nice 10 point. It seems like you've got a pretty good gene pool down there in your area. I hope you get another nice one this year. Thanks for sharing your story. 

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Very good story, nice

Very good story, nice picture. Congratulations on a very nice buck. I wish you would have included a few more pictures of the buck so we could have a better look at his rack. It sounds like you have a really good area there. Good luck in the upcoming season.

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That is an absolute GREAT

That is an absolute GREAT buck - no debate!

Without really being able to look at it closely, I am going to say that he will score in the 120's easily and may go into the low 130's.

He may have some deductions as a result of what appears to be a larger antler on the right side - or at least more points -but he is a stud, regardless.

To be taken with a crossbow is a great feat - that is definitely a record book buck in almost anyone's category - surely it would be in mine.

It definitely sounds like you did your scouting properly and picked the right tree... to see two big bucks from the same tree in a short period of time is a great set of circumstances.

You were definitely in the right time frame for Georgia, too... the period that is a week either side of Halloween, for us, has been the very best time of the year for seeing mature bucks that you would normally not see - they are too reclusive otherwise.

Additionally, we catch big bucks chasing does during that time period also...

Looks like you were in the right tree at the right time - twice!

ALso, looks like you made a great, low boiler room shot on him - and the fact that he only went 25 yards, you stung him very well.

That is a great buck - a true beast - and I am sure he made a super addition to your trophy collection.

Great work and a great story - again!

Keep them coming - we love them.


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Nice Buck!

That's a really nice buck there, James!

Yes - finding the right tree isn't always easy.

Sometimes the "best" tree is nowhere near where you want it - and they're pretty hard to move, too.

Sometimes the only tree near where you want it is too small, too big, or too skinny.

Good camo that breaks up your skyline is a great help, and manufacturers are doing a much better job at this than they used to.

Thanks for sharing this story.