Antelope Hunt: Wyoming Double

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The 2009 antelope rifle season started out with all intentions of getting my wife (Jamie) her first big game animal.  We set up on a natural water spring, that we watch all the antelope go to during archery season.  I put her in a postion to have a very resonable shot distance of probably less that 150 yards. 

As soon as the sun comes up we can see all the antelope on the hillside and as they begin to get up and feed we knew it was just a matter of time before they headed to the water and she would get her shot.  After about an hour of waiting for the antelope to get there, I just happen to look behind me as I was sitting with her to help her.  I see a buck standing behind me at about 85 yards and he is looking staright at us, then I notice a doe behind him at about 20 yards. 

I tell my wife to get turned around and try to get a shot off, but I had postioned her in pretty good sagebrush she could not get turned around real easy.  With her permission as I wanted her to get the first shot.  I went ahead and took a shot at her, she went about 10 yards and expired. 

As the shot did not disturb the antelope on the hill and the temps were cool I proceeded to leave her where she lay as not to spook the antelope.  Not 30 minutes later a herd of about 15 antelope came barreling down the hill from behind running straight at us. They were so confused as to what we were, they were running circles right in front of us from about 15 yards to 50 yards.  Jamie was trying very hard to stay on the animals but being still new at hunting she could not.  As they started to get out a bit I decided to fill my second tag.  I took a shot at a doe at a distance of 35 yards, after I hit her she ran a circle around us and died with 20 yards of where we were sitting.  Needless to say I was super excited to have taken both my animals in 30 minutes and yes my wife does get hers got but that's another story!




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good story, great lopes

good story, great lopes

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Great Antelopes

Love the Camp,"Old School"

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Good job on the antelopes.

Good job on the antelopes.

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Nice Job!

Way to go on the antelope double! That's got to be pretty unusual.

I really liked your choice of campsites, too. Not being able to see more of the surrounding territory, I'm sure that there was a very good reason for camping there. But upon first glance at the picture, it looks like you were just driving along and said, "Oh, this looks like a good place to camp." Then you stopped, got out and set up!

It sounds like you were in a place with a fairly high density of animals. Do you have much pressure from other hunters, or is it kind a secret 'honey hole'?

Thanks for the good story.