1st Mule Deer Buck!

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In 2008 I planned on a 12 day hunting trip for elk and deer.  First would be the elk in first season and then followed by mule deer in second season, without a trip home in between.  Opening day of 1st the 1st season which is elk only here in Colorado.  It was 8am and I had just cleanly missed a cow at 165 yards.  The tree behind her was hurting though.  Needless to say I was deeply discouraged at myself.  I had gotten in a hurry and rushed myself and made a bad shot. I am just glad I missed her clean.  Well I spent the next 4 days chasing elk to no avail. 

Between 1st and 2nd season we have a 2 day lag period.  I used this time to find me a nice muley.  The day before the 2nd season opener I bumped a monster buck from his bed, he was big enough at first I thought I had a bumped a bull elk from his bed, but as I got a better look as he bounded away, I was sure he was a buck. 

The next day I proceeded to find the "big one" but I may have pushed him to a different county the day before.  Day one in the books.

Day two took me higher up the mountain where I had seen some real nice 4 pointers during elk season.  With seeing nothing all morning I decided to make the two mile trip back to camp for lunch.  On my way down the mountain I jump this buck from a bed in waist high grass.  he ran about 75 yards and stopped and looked back at me...his mistake.  he did not take a step and he was done.  My first buck was on the ground.  Later that evening myself and the deer were safely back at camp.  Not the biggest on the mountain but hey we all gotta start somewhere.

Marty Sup


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nice muley

What part of Colorado were you hunting in if you dont mind me asking? I will be hunting the western part of Colorado in late October.

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I love hunting big mulies in

I love hunting big mulies in Colorado. Nice buck man.

Awsome buck I sure hope I get

Awsome buck I sure hope I get one that big some day thanks for sharing

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Thats one to remember. Great

Thats one to remember. Great buck.

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Great pics, very good story.

Great pics, very good story.

1st Mule Deer Buck!

That's a very nice buck, congratulations. Nice pictures and story.


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 Congrats on the sucessfull

 Congrats on the sucessfull hunt, thats a dandy!