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How to Properly Load a Hunting Pack
Ben Davis

2012 Griz Hunt


As we were sitting on the rock Brent said that there is a chocolate colored bear on the hill.  I looked through my binoculars and watched as he walked out of the brush and into the meadow and then he turned sideways.  “That’s a grizzly” I said as Brent was getting the spotting scope out of his pack.  That was on day eight of my 10 day grizzly hunt.

Mom Bags a Moose
Amanda Ellis

Like most hunters, autumn lures me into the mountains, away from my everyday life as stay-at-home mom. In the past ten years, my efforts have helped fill our family’s freezer with venison and the tasty lean meat from several elk. 

Spring New Brunswick Black Bear Hunt
Adam Bennett

I've always loved bear hunting over any other game. Not to sure why it's been my fascination since I started hunting as a young boy, it must be in my blood. While living in New Brunswick I downed two nice black bears, one in the fall and one in the spring. Both journeys taught me a lot about the beasts and about hunting in general, I learned a lot walking the trails alone. 

Big Things Come in Small Packages

This hunt was conceived in early December of 2011 when I received a call from my son, an Army officer, who is stationed in Bethesda, Maryland. He asked if I had ever considered going on a sika deer hunt. Sure, I've considered just about every kind of hunt; I just haven't considered it enough to shell out the money it takes to make it happen. Kevin has been stationed in Maryland for the past several years and while there, has been eyeing the illusive little sika deer which resides on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay in Dorchester County.

Claws from Hell
Scooter Folmar

Hi, I’m Scooter and thought I’d try and write a story. This is about the time Deena (mom) and Ed (dad) took me on one of their hunts for anything. This took place in California during the colder weather. We were looking for pigs and having no luck so decided to stop for a little varmint calling. We were riding the quads, two Honda 300 4x4’s. As usual I was riding in my basket on the front of mom’s quad.

My December 2011 Buck
Montgomery Laughlin

It was a cold December day in Iowa, we had been hunting all morning and hadn't seen a thing so we came back to the house to eat and warm up. After we got done we decided to go to a new spot. When we got to the spot we all spread out.

First Deer Part Two
Paul Roedersheimer

Two years ago I had the privilege of taking my son on his first deer hunt. We had a great time and he was able to harvest a great buck.

Two years later I had the privilege of leading my daughter out on her first hunt. We had an equally good time and once again it ended better than I could have ever hoped.

New Hunting Grounds
Dale Noble

Well, this year I lost my usual hunting spot. The group of guys I was hunting with lost some of their land, so it was getting too crowded. So, I had to find a new spot and wasn't sure of anything until 3 days before season opened!

On Thursday after work, I found what I thought might be a good spot and went back on Friday to set up a stand. I know, not a smart thing to be doing the day before season, but I didn't have any other choice. So Saturday morning, I didn't have a lot of hope. It was really quiet! Didn't hear any shooting all morning for what seemed to be 3 miles around me.

Unexplainable Deer Story
Mike Vacanti

Hunting with my Dad, he walked the logging trail, I decided to walk thru the thick brush to move the bedding deer. I am walking the deer path and find this big 8 point laying there? And it was still alive. We put him down and could not believe what we were looking at.