Recent Hunting Gear Reviews

Suzuki King Quad 450 Review
In recent years a new engine category has developed in the sport-utility ATV market. The 450cc class is where features and cost are supposed to find their best balance. Suzuki has targeted this segment with their King Quad 450. The 450 is the "little brother" to the King Quad 700, with many of the same amenities but with a smaller engine and a lower price tag. When Suzuki developed the 450, they took the opportunity to re-design the chassis and suspension. In doing so, they improved upon an already very good design and in many ways they have raised the bar for this emerging class of ATVs.
Fixed Blade Broadhead Review: G5 Montec and the NAP Crossfire
As a modern bowhunter, it can be a daunting task to pick the right broadhead. There are an array of broadhead designs and manufacturers, many of which are adequate for your hunting needs. However, picking the right broadhead for you can take some background knowledge and experience. We are reviewing two fixed blade designs the G5 Montec and the New Archery Products (NAP) Crossfire.
Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI: Updating a Legend
Polaris pioneered the modern big-bore ATV market in the mid-1990s with the release of the Sportsman 500. The Sportsman's long-travel independent rear suspension, high-displacement (for the time) four-stroke engine, continuously variable transmission and other features were revolutionary. The success of the initial 500 started a tidal wave of ATVs with large displacement mills and automatic transmissions that is still cresting throughout the industry.
Thompson Center's Encore Pro Hunter Review
If you follow the firearms market, then you're likely aware that Thompson Center Arms (TC) has earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality accurate guns. Perhaps best known for their black powder rifles, they also produce centerfire, rimfire and rifled shotgun barrels.
This is Not Your Father's Gator: UTV Roundup
Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) have come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, the UTV is a vehicle to check their fences and maintain food plots. For others, they are an all-in-one cargo, game and people-hauler for hunting trips on public land. Another dimension is emerging in the UTV world, and that is the high-performance element. Several manufacturers now have UTV-like vehicles that can be loads of fun as trail-riding rigs when hunting seasons aren't open. Hang on tight, here's a look at the new iron.
Power Trip: ATVs Deliver More Than Ever
There is no denying the fact that ATVs have become a necessity in many hunting camps. The major manufacturers are improving their offerings every year to meet hunting needs from food plot maintenance to hauling out downed critters. For model year 2008 "power" is the prevailing theme, with most of the major builders adding engine and steering power to their flagship models. Here is a rundown of some of the best new ATVs from each brand.
Swarovski Z6 Rifle Scope Review
The name Swarovski is synonymous with quality. A company that has worked diligently to earn its reputation in producing the finest optics in the world launched its new Z6 rifle scopes in 2007. Spectacular in every aspect, they offer a unique range in magnification and field of view, unparalleled clarity, and increased eye relief.
Badlands Hypervent Backpack Review
If you are the type of hunter that likes to throw on a pack and hike to your destination, you have probably spent time evaluating packs. One downside to an early season hunt is that it can be warm and with the heat comes sweat. Most day packs have a cloth backing that rides against your back, which traps heat and after a few hours your back side can be drenched. External frame packs offer relief by moving the weight to the frame and keeping it off your back. The downside is that bulky external frame packs do not tend to be as convenient as a daypack.
Nikon ProStaff Laser 440 Rangefinder Review
Nikon offers a variety of rangefinders for hunters. The Laser 440 rangefinder, available in either Realtree camo or ProStaff green, is Nikon's entry level model and has a maximum ranging ability of up to 437 yards on a reflective target. The more expensive models in the Nikon lineup, such as the Laser 600, 800, or 1200 offer more features, but the biggest difference is their ability to range longer distances.
Leupold RX-II Laser Rangefinder Review
Rangefinders are not on every hunter's must have list of hunting tools. However the last ten years, as prices have dropped and ease of use increased, has seen a surge in the adoption of rangefinders among hunters. Manufacturers have noticed the increased interest among hunters and have produced a steady stream of new ranging devices over the last couple of years.
Hoyt Katera Review
Hoyt has been a dominating force in the bow market for many years and for 2008 the Salt Lake City company has made incremental improvements on their flagship bow, the new Katera and Katera XL. Lets take an overview look at these new bows that are just starting to hit local bow shops and see what's new in the line up.