Recent Hunting Gear Reviews

Freedom Arms 454 Casull Review
Freedom Arms chambers their single action, 5 shot revolver for the 454 cartridge and it is a massive affair out of necessity. As a reloader and bullet maker, included in this review are some options for an owner of a Freedom Arms 454.
Hoyt AlphaMax 32 and 35 Review
Hoyt is calling the new 2009 AlphaMax "The Bow That Smokes Them All." From our review it definitely looks like the AlphaMax is a complete from bottom up redesign, with the first new riser system since the Trykon debuted in 2006, and the first new limb design since XT ¾ limbs came out in the early part of this decade.
Bushnell BackTrack Review
The folks at Bushnell said it's easy as 1-2-3 to; Mark it, Leave it and Get back. Hmmm! Nothing can be this easy or can it? Being able to easily find my way to my deer stand at pre-dawn or back to a honey hole full of hungry fish discovered on a river or stream, instantly jumped to my mind. Or better yet... never again having to search for hours to find a downed deer in an unfamiliar area, if I had to leave it to get help.
Blackhorn 209 Review
Recently I was given a sample of a new muzzleloading propellant, Blackhorn 209 to test out. According to the label it is meant for modern muzzleloaders using a 209 shotgun primer, hence its name. One thing I found out right off, is its low density as the kernels are hollow. It comes in a conventional 1 pound can but contains only 10 ounces of powder. You could say it is the black powder equivalent of Trail Boss. The powder is black and looks like an extruded powder such as 4895.
Smith & Wesson 460V Review
Gun reviews typically delve deeply into a firearm's technical aspects, examine the finer details of a model's features and evaluate performance based on a narrow range of criteria. Fitness for a broad scope of applications is often left as something for the user to determine on their own. A different approach will be taken here. Smith & Wesson promotes the 460V as "The World's Most Versatile Big Bore Revolver." This investigation will consider that claim within the context of big game hunting.
Marlin XL7 Rifle Review
The Marlin Firearms Company has been around for well over a century. During that time they have made many firearms, but they are best known for their lever action rifles. Several million were produced, which is comparable to Winchester and Savage, their main competition. The Marlin has a well deserved reputation for quality and durability. I have several in my collection and they all shoot well. A couple of them will give the average bolt action a run for their money in the accuracy department. The 30-30 has been in my collection for over 40 years and still shoots very well. For this review we're going to look at the Marlin XL7 bolt action centerfire hunting rifle.
Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder Review
A new trend in rangefinder technology is to include a ballistic calculator while ranging on an angle. For 2008, Bushnell has updated two of its rangefinders with an inclinometer, the Scout 1000 and the Elite 1500. Bushnell is calling its new technology Angle Range Compensation or ARC for short. For this article we decided to test the Scout 1000 with ARC technology.
Cabela's Full Draw 2 Blind Review
Over the last ten years, probably no product has changed the way we hunt more than the portable ground blind. Originally adopted by turkey hunters, today's blinds are quickly gaining popularity with deer hunters, as they become larger, quieter, and are proving to be extremely effective. This rise in popularity has resulted in numerous manufacturers jumping on board and producing their own line of portable blinds. These blinds range widely in their features, as well as their prices, and choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task. If you are looking for a decent blind at an affordable cost, then you may want to take a look at the line of blinds sold under the Cabela's label.
Sako A7 Review
In the history of hunting rifles, Sako stands out for accurate, quality rifles. However over the years the price for a new Finnish made Sako has continued to climb and today even the least expensive Sako 85 is over $1575. New for 2008 is Sako's A7 rifle which will have a suggested retail of around $850-$1000 almost half the cost of an 85. The new rifle and pricing puts the A7 squarely in the middle of the hunting rifle market and we decided to review the A7 to see if it stands up to the Sako tradition.
2009 Hoyt SuperHawk Review
For 2009 Hoyt has released two new Hawk series bows, the PowerHawk and the SuperHawk which we will cover in this review. The SuperHawk is an upgraded version of the PowerHawk and has a suggested retail of $599. The SuperHawk has a number of similarities with the PowerHawk and we recommend that you read our PowerHawk review before continuing on with this review.
2009 Hoyt PowerHawk Review
Hoyt bows are known for their high quality and long service life. However that quality comes at a price with some of Hoyt's fastest bows pushing the price into the high $800 range. It is safe to say that many bowhunters would appreciate the Hoyt quality at a more affordable price level. To address this issue, Hoyt has released two new bows for 2009 in the Hawk Series called the PowerHawk and SuperHawk. For this review we will cover the PowerHawk which has a suggested retail of $499 and offers the most value potential because of its reduced price. We will be covering the SuperHawk (MSRP $599) in a separate review shortly.
Leica Rangemaster 1200 CRF Laser Rangefinder Review
Over the course of the last few months we have covered a variety of rangefinders. For this review we decided to take a look at Leica's laser rangefinder offerings. Leica's current rangefinders have been on the market for about two years, but their compact rangefinder (CRF) offerings are still relevant and current. The Rangemaster CRF is manufactured in two variations; the 900 and the 1200. The 900 ranges to approximately 900 yards, while the 1200 ranges to roughly 1200 yards. For this review, we will take a closer look at the 1200 Rangemaster.
Tru-Fire 360 Release Review
Bowhunting is rarely easy. The archer has to locate their quarry, get within range and then make the shot under whatever circumstances exist. Those practicing this art embrace the challenge, but we don't want to set ourselves up for failure, either. Equipment that adapts to personal preference or helps overcome a difficult situation is a big plus. Tru-Fire's 360° Release is precisely that kind of gear. This review focuses on the "360 Buckle Foldback," short body design in camo colors.
Bad Boy Buggy Review
Many TV hunting superstars are often depicted using a unique vehicle called the Bad Boy Buggy on their hunts. Most of us will never be TV stars, but I now share the experience of evaluating a Buggy for my own hunting and riding purposes. The Buggy's appeal lies in it's quietness-the company motto is "They'll Never Hear You Coming" and the Bad Boy Buggy is very quiet indeed. Overall I was surprised at what this hunting rig has to offer when used under the right circumstances.
Brunton Laser Echo Rangefinder Review
It's no secret that, in the last few years, electronics have come down in price and improved in quality. These days, consumers expect and generally get much better performance with far less sticker shock. Hunters have benefited too. The Brunton Laser Echo Rangerfinder CAMO is one example of a high-tech hunting tool that is now easily attainable by budget-conscious hunters.
Zeiss Rapid-Z Ballistic Reticle Review
Zeiss has come up with a promising new ballistic reticle that is called the Rapid-Z. The Rapid-Z comes in four variations: the 600, 800, 1000, and varmint reticles. Each reticle is uniquely fitted to match certain cartridge groups and comes in a variety of scope types. A buyer can purchase a Rapid-Z in the standard Conquest line of scopes, the Victory, and the new Victory Diarange. The Conquest, the workhorse of the Zeiss line, can be obtained in any of the Rapid-Z configurations. For this review, we chose the Conquest 4.5-14 x 50 scope with the Rapid-Z 800 reticle.
ATV Accessories for Food Plot Maintenance
Most hunters dream of turning a secret corner of their hunting land into a big-buck hot spot. ATVs and UTVs can be excellent tools to help in achieving this quest, because they can be used to plant food plots even in hard-to-reach hunting areas. Providing highly nutritious forage for deer will increase their antler size, help them survive high-stress conditions and hopefully help you fill the trophy space on your wall. ATV accessory manufacturers have caught on to this booming market and there are more ATV implements available today than ever before.
TruGlo Archery Sight Review: Razor and Tru-Site Xtreme
TruGlo is a Richardson Texas company that has been in the sight business for years. From archery to pistol and shotgun sights, TruGlo's name has become synonymous with bright fiber optic based sights. For this review we are taking a look at two of TruGlo's sights. One is the new, buzz generating, Razor sight and the other is the Tru-Site Xtreme series of sights.
Nikon 550 Laser Rangefinder Review
For 2008, the Nikon 440 Rangefinder has been split into three different variations: Prostaff/Realtree 550, RifleHunter 550 with ID, and the Archer's Choice with ID. Of the three variations, the base 550 Prostaff and Realtree models are most similar to the original 440 and retails at the same price ~$200.00 (Prostaff) and $220.00 (Realtree). The RifleHunter 550 (~$300) is identical to the base model but includes new Incline/Decline (ID) Technology which is Nikon's attempt at integrating ballistic ranging into their rangefinder line.
Reflex Charger and Ridgeline Bow Reviews
For a little over a decade Reflex, a division of Hoyt, has been producing solid bows for hunters. In 2007, Reflex completely redesigned their bow lineup. For 2008 they have introduced new bows and continued in the spirit of producing a good value for bow hunters. For this review we are taking a look at the Reflex Charger and Ridgeline 34 bows.