Bear Archery Outbreak Bow Review

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Perhaps one of the most interesting additions to the 2012 Bear Archery lineup of bows is the new Outbreak compound bow. For this review we'll be taking a look at the new Bear Archery Outbreak, which is a highly diversified bow that can fit a variety of different compound bow shooters.

Like the Mission Craze, the Outbreak doesn't fit into the standard categories of adult or youth bow or really any category at all. The Outbreak is adjustable from a 16" to 30" draw length and a draw weight range of 15 lbs all the way up to 70 lbs! This wide range of adjustability allows the bow to fit a variety of bowhunters from kids to a variety of adults, female or male.

Bear Archery Outbreak Bow

In addition to the adjustability, the Outbreak utilizes a dual cam system that allows draw length adjustment on the cam without using cam modules or a bow press. This means that simple changes can be made when afield or perhaps even allowing multiple family members to shoot a single bow without a bow press during target practice sessions.

The Outbreak top and bottom cam are identical and allow draw
length adjustment from 16"-30" without the use of a press.

The Outbreak has a smooth draw cycle with a soft, non-adjustable wall and an 80% let off. The bow is fairly quiet but would benefit from limb and string dampeners that are not included, but for a hunting bow that retails at $299 and $399 as a Ready-To-Hunt (RTH) package it's a solid shooter. Comparing the Outbreak to some of the more high-tech bows on the market with parallel limbs and even parallel cams, makes the Outbreak look decidedly low-tech, but the high range adjustability offers something that few bows can, such as the ability to grow with a young hunter or quickly adjust to multiple hunters.

The Outbreak uses a standard limb pocket design with preloaded split limbs.

At its peak weight of 70 lbs and longest draw of 30" the Outbreak comes in at an IBO speed of a little over 300 fps which definitely isn't the fastest around but is a respectable showing. Speed will drop off significantly with reductions in draw length and draw weight. The Outbreak has a standard brace height of 7.25" which most shooters will find comfortable and weighs in at just 3.5 lbs without accessories. The bow is definitely short though with an ATA of just 29.25". Most shooters won't find the short ATA much of an issue, but for those shooting near the peak weight of 70 lbs might find the bow a little on the short side.

The RTH package comes with a variety of accessories that we have seen before on some of Bear's other packaged bows. The sight is the Trophy Ridge Punisher 3-pin which can accept a sight light, but is not included with the package. The rest is a Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit which is a good hunting rest although some will prefer a rest that doesn't contact the arrow vanes as much, such as a drop-away.

The Outbreak comes equipped with a Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit.

The Trophy Ridge Punisher 3 pin sight can accept a sight light but is not included.

Bear rounds out the package with a Trophy Ridge removable quiver, Trophy Ridge stabilizer and a basic wrist strap. The bow release loop is already served in and ready to go and the tubeless peep is placed in the string but will need to be served, in order to hold its position over multiple shots. Like other RTH packages, all that's needed is to set the draw length, draw weight, serve in the peep, and cut some arrows and you're ready to start shooting. We have reviewed these accessories in detail in the past with the Charge and Legion reviews.

The bow comes equipped with one string silencer attached to the cable guard rod.

The Outbreak uses a simple rubberized grip that helps deaden some riser vibrations.

A tubeless peep and string loop are pre-installed on the Outbreak.
The peep needs to be served in before shooting though.

The Outbreak is a unique bow and should be a definite consideration if you're looking to purchase a bow that can grow with a young shooter or possibly trying to share one bow between multiple hunters. The excellent adjustability allows the bow to be passed down between kids in a hunting family with a minimal amount of down time between reconfiguring the bow. If the adjustability is not an important issue for your purchase, but want to stay within the $300-$500 price range, one should take a look at the Bear Encounter or Legion before purchasing the Outbreak, largely because they have a harder wall, and cams that emphasize speed over adjustability.

For more information about the Anarchy bow please visit Bear Archery.

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