Badlands 2200 Backpack Review

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A good hunting pack can make the difference between a laborious but comfortable hike or a never-ending march of back agony. With the escalating amount of equipment that has been deemed "necessary" on a hunting expedition it's all the more important to pick a pack that can evenly carry the load especially if you're lucky enough to harvest game.

The Badlands 2200 is available in either Max-1 or AP camo. Our review model sports the Max-1 pattern.

Badlands specializes in making packs for hunters and we have reviewed a couple of their packs in the past, including the Badlands OX and the Badlands Hypervent. For this review we'll be taking a look at the Badlands 2200 which has been in the company's line-up for over a decade and was redesigned a few years ago.

The 2200 comes in at 2300 cubic inches of space with an internal aluminum frame and lower lumbar straps to secure the pack to your waist. The back support is very good and uses somewhat of the same system as the Hypervent, with baffling molded into the back side of the pack. This helps to keep your back a little cooler on long hikes. The entire baffle piece is also zippered and can be opened to access the main compartment from the inside, a neat feature not normally seen on most packs. Each lower lumbar strap has a side pocket that allows for quick access to whatever you choose to carry along, perhaps snacks or a small sidearm.

(Left) The 2200 has lower lumbar support along with heavily padded shoulder straps.
(Right) The back side of the pack is baffled to allow some cooling of your pack during a long hike.

The 2200 is held together with an internal aluminum frame.

The main compartment of the 2200.

Side pouches on the lower lumbar straps.

The bottom of the 2200 has a foldout pouch that can be used to strap down a rifle.

The rear of the pack can be used to strap down and carry either a bow or rifle. The bow is attached using both of the rear straps to tie down the bow, while a rifle is secured with the same straps but also utilizes a drop out pouch that cradles the butt of the rifle. Attaching a rifle or bow the first time can be a little tricky and there are two videos on YouTube that show how to attach either.

Once opening the side pouch "wings" on each side of the pack, additional equipment can be stored. The left hand pouch can be used to store a spotting scope while the right hand pouch could be used to store a small tripod.

The side "wings" of the pack are zippered and can be used to store a spotting scope and longer sized items.

The 2200 is hydration bladder compatible. Once opening the main compartment of the pack, you will notice at the top a zippered mesh area that can be opened and used to store the water bladder. The tube and bite valve can then be snaked through a hole at the top of the pack to the front so it is easily useable while hiking.

Hydration bladder stores in its own compartment at the top of the main pouch.

The pack also has a "meat-shelf" feature similar to the OX although not as large. At the bottom outside of the pack is a zippered compartment that unfolds a bright orange canvas material that can be folded over the outside of the pack. A successful hunter can use this external canvas to wrap and contain an elk quarter on the outside of the pack, while still being able to use the internal compartments as before.

There are only a couple of downsides to the 2200, the first is the cost, coming in at $260 at the time of writing this review. However like other Badlands products, the 2200 is backed by an extensive warranty and repair policy and while pricey should give many seasons of service. The second is issue is that 2200, while having an internal frame, is not nearly as rigid as the OX; however the OX is nearly double the cost.

If you're looking for a pack that offers a variety of options and is slightly larger than a traditional day pack, the Badlands 2200 is worth considering.

For more information about the Badlands 2200 please visit Badlands.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

To tell you the truth, I had

To tell you the truth, I had not even heard of Badlands products, let alone try any, until I won one of the Badlands Reactor packs here on BGH over a year ago.  Since then, I used it all last season, plus this season.  It is a wonderful product, lots of storage space as well as the big water bladder.  In my opinion, it does not get much better in terms of day packs. 

This 2200 model backpack looks to be a step or 2 up from my pack, with some great accessories.  The one thing that I would like about this pack is the aliminum support around the waist.  That's one thing that bugs me about backpacks is how much they slide around.  No matter how many times you adjust the straps, something is always slipping here, or slipping there.  If I decides to upgrade any time soon, this would be a good direction to go, especially for the type of hunting down here in the desert southwest.  Also, along the lines of being in the desert region, I like the vented sides.  I hate it when my back sweats so bad underneath the backpack.  This looks like it would at least alleviate some of that problem.

Thanks for a great write-up!

GooseHunter Jr's picture

That is a great write and

That is a great write and review of this pack.  I own one and while I think the review did a great job on this pack I do not like hunting with mine.  It is a heavy pack just empty and it is much wider so if you a gun hunter your rifle may no sling onto your should real well especially if you have anything in the spotting scope pockets.  As far as hunting with a bow it is not too ba, but the apck is still real heavy, and I spend the whole day out on the mountain so I have to pack a bit more, so by mid day I have a jacket and other stuff in the pack.  As far as carrying a quater on the pack it does great, just was not the pack for me .  I bought a different maker of packs before the season this year and it was alot more confrontable.  I hate to seem like I am bashing this pack and I am not it is a great pack just just did not fit me well.  I will keep the pack and who knows maybe one day it will work better for me...who knows.

BikerRN's picture

Great Review

This is a great review and almost makes me wish I hadn't bought an Eberlstock pack.

I bought what the store had in stock at the time however as I was too impatient to wait. I don't really regret it though as my pack has served my needs very well. If this pack had been in stock I probably would've bought it though.


hunter25's picture

Excellent review on this

Excellent review on this Badlands pack. I am using a 4500 for most of my hunting right now but may look into something like this one as a compramise. Mine is too bif for most things unless I have an elk on the ground. But from the sounds of this review I may be able to pack some quarters with this one pretty well also. It seems like there are a bunch of features that are more refined from my somewhat dated 4500. The water system in mine sucks and it does not have the extra opening features that would really be a good help getting things out sometimes. Anyway all my experience with Badlands has been great and they even quickly traded my whole pack last time when I got the wrong size. And the Oursuit pack I won here on BGH has been extremely useful and spent many days in the field with me this year.

Retired2hunt's picture

  A very very good and


A very very good and thorough review on this very very very nice pack.  Some excellent standards on this pack as well - I especially like the rifle holder.  The bottom compartment that zips open to provide the orange canvas material is a nice standard as well since it allows you to be legal in states requiring the 500 square inches even on the back of the individual.  Overall a great looking pack with many options.  I did some digging on comments from current owners and found three reoccuring negative comments - (1) zippers on the back of the pack are bothersome on your back, (2) zipper handles breaking but Badlands fast in forwarding new handles, and (3) the waist band "squeeks" when walking.  I think all of these are most likely rare occurances based on the number of comments I found.  I currently use a very simple hunting pack and it has done its job well over the years.  I also have a larger pack that I use for the hike-in hunting.  These two options I currently use do the job nicely... but if I had an extra $260 this may be my next pack.  Nice job with all of the pictures as they provide a great detail of the written review.  Thanks!


COMeatHunter's picture

Great review.  This is a

Great review.  This is a really nice hunting pack.  I've looked at it a couple of times in the store, drooling, but have not had the extra $250 to spend on it.  A good friend of mine bought one last year.  Overall, it's a bit heavy for a mid-size pack.  but it has so many features packed into it that the little extra weight isn't that big a deal.  We used his to pack an elk hind quarter on the way back to the truck last year to get the larger pack frames.  He said it was pretty comfortable, not as good as a large pack frame, but much better than a typical hunting day pack.

One of these days I'll probably break down and buy one.  Hopefully soon.

Now this is one comprehensive

Now this is one comprehensive review. I think that there will be many who will love this backpack. The photos are amazing as well. Thank you for going into so much detail for all of us.


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Great packs. Great service

Going back in time I should have gone withthis pack instead of the Superday.  If only for the extra meat hauling capability. My Superday has packout several completely boned out blacktails and a small muley.  Having the extra capacity would have made my packout of a large muley last fall quicker. 

ALL Badlands packs are heavy for their respective sizes.  They are built like tanks and that shows in the weight of the fabric and zippers.  I would not have purchased either my day pack or the 4200 had they not been on sale.  But even so, they are well worth the money.And quite comfiortable for all day carrying.

The waranty service is great.  Follow their online instructions, send in your pack with a fee for shipping it back and they take care of the problem.  I sent my 4200 in last spring after an delk tine had ripped the fabric and desroyed a section of the zipper. It went in and was fixed and sent back within a 2 week period.  You really have to look where they did the repair work.  There are similar quality packs from other manufacturers for equally if not more expensive prices and they most likely work just as well.  But after having my Superday pack for 8 years with a typical 30-40 days afield it still in greta shape.  I could not see the 2200 not doing the same.


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