Pope Brothers Guide Service & Outfitting

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Clay Pope
[email protected]
(956)763-3232 or (830)966-2498
PO BOX 159
Utopia, TX 78884

Pope Brother's would like to welcome you to our hunting services and would like to thank you for your interest. We have been in the hunting business now for over 14 years and have built a solid reputation for providing top notch hunts.  We offer year round hunting opportunities on well over 2 million private acres in Texas, New Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and Mexico. 

In Texas our home base we  have access to over sixty species (see list below photos) of native and exotic animals and are always expanding. If you have done some research you will find we have very competitive realistic pricing.  Our motto is we tell it like it is and we deliver on what we advertise.  We work for you, all of our hunts are set up to be customized by the hunter tell us what you want and that is what we will deliver.  We allow rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, or archery equipment as means of harvesting game on our hunts. Some of the most common methods of hunting are spot and stalk, safari style, blind hunting, still hunting, and calling.

There is no age limit on the hunts we offer. If you can fire a weapon of proper strength to harvest the animal of your choice you can hunt with us. PBGSO has a long record of accommodating handicapped hunters as well. We do offer discounts for military, children under 16, large groups, referred clients, and multiple animals harvested.  We hope you like what you see and look forward to hunting with you on your next Texas hunt or global adventure.


List of species we offer: Whitetail Deer, alligator, Antelope, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Caribou, Coues deer, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Dove, Elk (bulls and cow), Hog, Mule Deer (Desert and Rocky Mountain), Mountain Lion, Moose, Mountain Goat, Predator (coyote bobcat fox etc...), Rio Grande Turkey, Quail (Bobwhite and Blue scaled), Exotics, Addax, Alpine Ibex, American Ibex, Aoudad, Axis Bucks, Axis Does, Afghan Urial, angora Goat, Arabian Oryx, Blackbuck, Blackbuck Does, Black Hawaiian Rams, Blesbok, Bongo, Bison (cows and bulls), Barasingha, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Blue Sheep, Chinese Water Deer, Catalina Goat, Corsican Rams, Dama Gazelle, Desert Paint Ram, Dybowski Sika, Eland, Eld's Deer, Fallow Deer (bucks and does), Four Horn Sheep (Jacobs), Fringe Eared Oryx, Gemsbok, Grants Gazelle, Himalayan Tahr, Hog Deer, Impala, Japanese Sika, Kudu, Lechewe (red nile and Kafue), Manchurian Sika, Markhor, Merino Ram, Mouflan Ram, muntjak, Nilgai, Nubian Ibex, Nyala, Pere David Deer, Persian Gazelle, Persian Ibex, Red Sheep, Red Stag, Red Deer Cows, Roan, Rusa deer, Springbok, Sable, sititunga, Sambar, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Transcaspian Urial, Thomson’s Gazelle, Texas Dall Ram, Water Buffalo, Water Buck, Watusi, West Caucasian Tur, Zebra , Yak, Dangerous Game, and Elephant, Waterfowl, Ducks, Geese, Sandhill Crane.